Alert if thermostat detects temperature out of specified range?

I’m looking for a smart app that can monitor my thermostat at a vacation rental and tell me if the Furnace/AC is broken. Here’s how I envision it would work:

Mode: Cool/Heat
Set Point: temperature set on the thermostat
Current temperature: current ambient temp.
Variance: integer of how far above or below the ambient temp can be away from set point
If ( mode == cool ) {
if ( Current temperature > (Set Point + Variance)) {
Notify user

if ( mode == heat ) {
if ( Current temperature < (Set Point - Variance)) {
Notify user

So if you have the heat set to 65 and the ambient temp is now 62, the furnace isn’t doing it’s job and the temp is probably going to keep dropping until you reach some lower temp that then notifies you that you have a freeze condition. Considering it takes time to get a repair guy out to your property to check the furnace, the sooner you know it’s not working, the better.

Same with the AC. If you have it set to 70, it would be nice to know at 75 that it’s just not cooling and you need to take action.

Is there anything like this out there already? I checked the smart apps → create from template and didn’t see anything like that.

I use an Automation to do that for my house, refrigerators and freezers. Here’s one for letting me know it’s too cold in the house:

That won’t work. That’s basically a freeze warning. You can set a notification to be warned at say 50 degrees. However, you won’t get warned that the furnace is broken until it reaches 50 which could be days depending on the starting point and the outside temp. I need to take into account the set temperature and the current temperature not just an absolute. If I have it set to 68, I want to be warned at 65. If I have it set to 60, I want to be warned at 57.

That may be a good use case for webCore. I don’t use it, but it’s worth the effort to investigate.

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I use 2 ewelink devices for temp sensors for my pool water temperature, I also have 3 devices for table lights in my house. I have one ewelink temp sensor on return line and one device on output from pool heater. The input one is set to alert me and turn table lamp on when temp gets 88 degrees. (you can set up your own temp and alerts) The probes were inserted into the water line pipes, with adhesive to seal them so no leaks, 1/4 inch hole . when temp trips the alert it also sends me a text message and a email. when the one sensor drops below 72 degrees it also turns on a different light all ewelink devices. 2 sensors and 3 light controllers. all need to be wired in. outside near pool they are in a water tight cabinet on wall. Yo can also do this with room temperature. all this is Alexa controlled all. if I wish t see what the temp is I go to app and look. if table light is on I know it is over 88 degrees. I have only been able to do this with EWELINK. Amazon sells them. I wish I can control other devices like this.

I hope I helped you