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Hi all. Need a bit of advice. I am wanting to use up to 6 RGB WiFi controllers (5-28volt input) to control my lighting , heating, battery charger etc etc. (just wanting a remote on/off function. I am hoping to use the Magic Home app loaded on a first gen Amazon Fire tab to control the on/ off functions.
Question 1How many modules can be loaded and controlled via the app?
Question 2 What output voltage does the controller put out in the on /off mode( can I wire the control output to trip another added relay if the power output is not sufficient to control ie heating ( 12volt diesel heater in camper)
Question 3 Can any WiFi controller be paired to the magic home app.
Many thx. Hope someone has info

Hi Robin. I googled a question as per my request and this site came up with people talking about Phillips Led hue lighting etc. Thought I’d take a chance of someone being able to help /advise

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@anon36505037 you crack me up.



Hoping to use these or the Sonoff ones on eBay. Not sure if they are ST
compatible but they are android compatible.

Pic attachment didn’t send thru with the email. I defo did attach it. If
you search “WiFi led controller Alexa” in eBay, 4th item down. I cannot
send attachments or links for some reason.