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Hi all. Need a bit of advice. I am wanting to use up to 6 RGB WiFi controllers (5-28volt input) to control my lighting , heating, battery charger etc etc. (just wanting a remote on/off function. I am hoping to use the Magic Home app loaded on a first gen Amazon Fire tab to control the on/ off functions.
Question 1How many modules can be loaded and controlled via the app?
Question 2 What output voltage does the controller put out in the on /off mode( can I wire the control output to trip another added relay if the power output is not sufficient to control ie heating ( 12volt diesel heater in camper)
Question 3 Can any WiFi controller be paired to the magic home app.
Many thx. Hope someone has info

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You know this is a forum for Samsung SmartThings users right?


Hi Robin. I googled a question as per my request and this site came up with people talking about Phillips Led hue lighting etc. Thought I’d take a chance of someone being able to help /advise

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I’m sure many here will be able to help… just checking lol.


@RobinWinbourne you crack me up.


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What are the exact make and model of the ‘RGB WiFi controllers’ you are intending to connect?

If they are compatible with ST you won’t need a ST hub to controll then with the ST app.

You could then use ActionTiles on your tablet for a nice interface.


Hoping to use these or the Sonoff ones on eBay. Not sure if they are ST
compatible but they are android compatible.

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What is ‘these’?


Pic attachment didn’t send thru with the email. I defo did attach it. If
you search “WiFi led controller Alexa” in eBay, 4th item down. I cannot
send attachments or links for some reason.

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How about log into the forum and reply there instead of email?? eBay ordering varies based on user history / purchase cookies and all sorts!