Home Location Showing Different Address From Geoloc Address

My Smartthings geolocation is correctly positioned on the map and my house name is also shown at that location in google maps & on Smartthings map (same map really).
The location name showing gives my home as another property address 100m away & whatever i do i can’t get Smartthings to pickup my actual home name directly under the location pin.
All locations are allowed in permissions on phone.
The Geolocation setting finds most addresses around mine but not mine.

Any ideas how to get the correct address?

on the iPhone, when I tap on the address field to set up my geolocation … I can manually edit the address at the top of the screen and enter my home address … can you try that option.

in ST app:

  • tap 3 dots in the upper right
  • choose Manage location/members
  • tap on the address field
  • on the Gelolocation screen - edit address at top of screen
  • tap on Save

Yes, tried that. Every combination of my address & postcode but still just goes back to the unwanted address.
For some reason my house which is shown on maps is not being picked up. :grimacing:

I kinda want to say - choose Remove location and create a new one but I don’t want to go that far. Contact ST support to see if they can offer any assistance or wait to see if other community members have ideas or have encountered that issue before.

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Just wondering if Google have added the name in correctly or in a non interactive way. As you say maybe delete on google & redo. I already deleted on ST.
Will see other suggestions for now.

The geoplace lookup is completely broken for me at the moment so I just see the lat/long. It is forever finding new ways of being broken.

Google’s idea of UK place names is a bit eccentric at the best of times. It takes some doing given that written addresses here can be a fusion of mail distribution centres, various tiers of local government, and the actual place names and counties. Still Google manage to come up with interesting combinations we simply never use.