Location (lat long) "Unable to save. Address empty."

Try creating location in either ST android app or ST web app, and it either says “unable to save. address empty.” on android app, or it makes some bogus lat/long in the middle of rural Kansas (not even my IP location is in Kansas, so this must be a default). Location is enabled for the android ST app (precise). In the android app, it finds my actual location on the map just fine (proving it actually has location permissions!). Web app never questions me for location, and doesn’t let me edit the location of a location.

Try reinstalling the SmartThings app on your phone. Make sure, when you reinstall it, that you grant all the permissions it requests.

I just installed it. I obviously granted it location permission, or it couldn’t put the pin where I am…

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

What’s the brand model of the phone? And do you have a data plan for it?

I ask, because in the past some people have reported that they couldn’t get locations unless they had a data plan. And there have been some specific issues. :thinking:

pixel, yes data plan. what specific issues have there been? can samsung just support their product and make it stop doing this error when it clearly has location permissions and location data feeding from google play services or the phone itself?

I’m just another customer: I’m often baffled at the decisions that Samsung makes. :man_shrugging:t2:

As far as the specific issues, just things similar to what you reported, that, without a data plan, there was no GPS location and without GPS location it wouldn’t save the address.

It’s not GPS; GPS is only satellite.

Location is there because the ST app is putting the pin where I am, permission for location is on for ST app.

It just doesn’t attach address to the location, and the app(s) is(are) so poorly written that you can’t use the pin’s coordinates as the location, and you can’t set location in the web app.

The geoplace side of things (not sure if geoplace is actually the correct term) isn’t as robust as it could be. Most of the time it is fine, there are just periods of days to weeks where it misbehaves.

The other day I found it was failing to correctly reverse look up the address from the location. It was like the map and addresses were about thirty yards out of alignment. Also when I typed in a known address it wasn’t being found in the dynamic search. It was like it only had part of the UK address database.

Checking a few minutes ago I found the Location was reporting latitude and longitude and the geoplace lookup has completely failed.

As far as I am aware it is only the latitude and longitude that is stored in your ST Location. Converting to an address is largely just something the app does on the fly for presentation purposes. Unfortunately the app does seem to have an unnecessary dependency on the address when saving your Geolocation.

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Yeah, it makes no sense, because the pin is on the map solely with lat and long, and the addresses are irrelevant. Why we can’t just input or edit our lat and long in the my.smartthings webapp, i have no idea. Why we can’t just leave NO ADDRESS on the mobile app, and go with lat and long that it uses anyway, I have no idea.