Home Location information help

(Anthony Neve) #1

I am trying to see my “Home” location temperature information, but it only displays the sunrise/sunset times and lat/lon location. Is this the same for everyone or am I missing information?

(Cassidy) #2

Mine displays current temp, relative humidity, and chance of precipitation. I’d recommend contacting support.

(Carson Dallum) #3

I hadn’t checked it before, buy my location also only shows the sunrise and sunset values. Current temperature, relative humidity and chance of precipitation are not populated. Is there a setting I’m missing?


My Temp/Humidity/Precip are blank as well.

(Carson Dallum) #5

I sent an email to support and received the following reply:

“Thanks for reaching out about this – I’ve passed it along to our QA team to take a look to see if we can fix that asap. If you have any questions, just let me know.”

(Dawn Fairbro) #6

@cdallum Thank you. I just looked and I have the same missing information. Looks like I need to add a work order to the ST list.

(Anthony Neve) #7

@cdallum Thanks for sending that on to support; I posted and then left to get some blankets for the plants before it freezes here as well!