SmartWeather Station Tile not showing any info

Hi, so am a newbie to ST having had the v2 hub for about a week, I’ve been trying to get the SmartWeather Station Tile to work, but it shows no data. I’ve followed the instructions from this site and from here: - so added new device, selected SmartWeather Station Tile, my location and hub. I’ve then added location from wunderground using pws:xxxxxxxx. (i’ve also tried with this blank). When I go to the new app (not classic) it just shows as checking status… and does not load. the new app, shows as blank info. Am I missing something really simple!?
BTW i’ve also tried the SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0 with the same result. Any ideas will be much appreciated! Thanks!

I’m on the same boat, no luck so far