Home landline Phone

Hi everyone

Is it possible to connect your landline into SmartThings so you can take calls over a wall mounted tablet . So you don’t have to have a separate handset.

Not sure I understand the question…?

SmartThings isn’t a “voice over ip” / voice telecommunication telephone system.

First you would need a PSTN to IP gateway and then an IP telephony client that runs on your device. That’s easy to do I have this at home with an Obihai gateway. After the you would need a way to integrate the client into something like Actiontiles. Not sure if that would be doable though.

There isn’t anything in the SmartThings ecosystem to enable this functionality.

There are some devices you can buy with or without SmartThings that will allow this, usually designed for people with physical disabilities, but they can get fairly pricey. Most people just get a VoIP line instead and then you can answer it on any tablet that has Wi-Fi.

Can you tell us a little more about why you’re interested in this kind of option? Is it for someone with limited mobility? Just as a general convenience? Just because it would be cool? Any of these are valid reasons, but they might affect the device choices.

(I myself am quadriparetic with limited hand function, so I tend to follow this kind of device fairly closely. But most of the people I know in a similar situation now use smartphones mounted on their wheelchairs, which is a good choice, but has tended to reduce the market demand for the kind of device you’re asking about.)

Also, why specifically a landline and not use VoIP?

It was only a thought I had if it was possible to integrate everything through SmartThings then display it with action tiles that is mounted on the wall. Thanks for all the replies , I think it would be more hassle than it’s worth to do it.