Landline telephone integration options?

I hope this isn’t redundant but I really need some advice. I’ll keep my question direct by only telling you what I need:
I want my dad to be able to push a button from his bed (which I already have setup with smartthings) and make a landline style phone call my cellphone number. Any ideas on a brand or model of telephone that will do this?? If there is nothing landline that will work, do you have any other suggestions that would work. The only thing that I want him to have to do is press a button and reach me. Thanks for any suggestions

What country are you in? The device selection will vary.

There are a number of different systems that can do this, even a few that might integrate with smartthings, but I have to say I can’t imagine using smartthings for this because of the lack of reliability. It’s pretty much the last system I would choose for a panic button type set up. But obviously that’s your choice.

(I myself am quadriparetic, so we have several systems of this type in our home that are actuated in different ways and for different purposes. I do understand the need.)

If you are in the US, one of the easiest methods is to use the IFTTT phone channel. You use smartthings as the “if“ and the Ifttt phone channel as the “that” and you could have it set up in just a few seconds. You would probably have to phone him back to get the actual voice connection. But that’s using the Internet, not the landline.

Alexa is very good at making phone calls and you could even use two echo devices to incorporate the button idea. Have one routine where pressing the button has one of the devices say to the other device: “Alexa, call Michael” or whoever and that would place a call. Of course that’s also Internet-based.

If it really truly has to be a call that goes out over a landline and you really want it to be triggered by pressing a button, there are existing accessibility systems that can do exactly that, but they aren’t connected to smartthings. So if it absolutely has to be a smartthings device that initiates the call, there are ways to hook into one of those systems to do that, but again, all smartthings is going to do is add a level of unreliability to the setup. But again, your choice.

If you are interested in some specific devices of that type, let me know and I’ll post them.

By the way, one easy option for this is to get the first alert big button phone with the remote pendant. Reviews indicate the pendant is only good for a short range but that’s OK: you would use that as your button.

Or if it is an absolute requirement that you have smartthings in the mix, just use a SwitchBot (robot button pusher with a manufacturer – provided smartthings integration) to push the pendant button. Although that’s cloud dependent again. If you want to keep everything local, you would have to add A smartthings compatible relay instead.

Shop around, but you should be able to find this for under $100, and usually closer to $75 with the pendant included. Staples sometimes has it for less than $50.

So anyway that’s a typical option, but there are a lot more.

Here’s another one with better range, but it costs more than the first alert one.

Again, the same idea. You either use their emergency button as your button or if you want smartthings in the mix you either add a robot button pusher or you wire a smartthings compatible relay into the button.

So if you don’t want to go with Ifttt or Alexa, then choose a phone that has its own remote button and work with that. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your advice. I will try to explain my reasoning for smart things. I should also mention that I am NOT using this as a panic button, he has multiple other options in an emergency…but I see exactly what you were thinking.

What I have is a 8 button remote that I can set up to control things using the webcore app and smartthings. One of the the buttons is used initiate a chime so my mother or brother can hear it from the other side of the house. Button 2 is programmed to turn his light on and off. I wanted to have button 3 programmed to automatically call me if he just wanted to chat…not for an emergency or anything. My main objective is to make one controller to control everything

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Just for chat, use IFTTT phone channel as @JDRoberts recommended, and call him back as soon as you can. With a press of the button you will receive call with a number that you can add to your dad’s contact

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Then I would probably just use the IFTTT method if you are in the US and then you call him back to chat. So pressing the button means that you are going to call him shortly.

I use IFTTT to call my phone if a virtual switch changes state. It usually works although I have seen instances where the call comes in minutes or hours after the switch changes state.That could be a problem for you if you are trying to be notified that something critical has occurred.

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One more thought…we are 3 roommates. I’m the only one with a disability. We tried using chimes and texts to notify the others if I need help, but one of my housemates is a big time gamer and he won’t hear the chime or notice the text when he’s gaming. So we switched to a signal light because it stays on until it’s turned off again and yet it still won’t interfere with his gaming if it’s not urgent. We use a red light for real emergencies and a blue light for “when you have a minute” requests.

He was very resistant to the idea initially, but we told him it was either that or I would send my service dog in to get him (it’s my house), which would be much more disruptive. LOL! Anyway, once we tried the light, he really likes it. We even turn it green when he has a pizza delivery, which otherwise he tends to miss. And in between times he can use it as a regular white table lamp.

I especially like the Meross model, which has a manufacturer-provided SmartThings integration, because you can just tap the top of it to turn it on and off, very easy for the person getting the signal.


It’s usually $42, but it goes on sale a lot, and as of this writing there’s a 30% off coupon at Amazon, which brings the cost down to just under $30. :sunglasses:

So just in case you were looking for something to do with a couple more buttons… :wink:

(Oh, the coupon code will only apply to one unit per order. So if you want two, you’ll need to place 2 orders to get the sale price on both.)

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