Grandstream GXV3275 as Console

I’m thinking about using one of these to help widen acceptance in my household and to allow for the arming and disarming of the security system. Anyone used on or have any alternatives?

Android Tablet Based Desk Phone

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I have used it. Smartthings will not run on it. Also even if it did it would be sideways, since SmartThings doesn’t have a landscape view. Honestly, its not that good of a VoIP phone. And doesn’t work as a normal landline phone. Plus old version of android.


How about Smart Tiles that has a landscape mode doesn’t it? Can you Arm / Disarm from Smart Tiles?


Yes, Patrick is right Adam. I have a GXV3240 at work and the 3275 at home and it says that my device isn’t compatible if I try to install SmartThings mobile from the play store. I wish it would work. :wink:

HOWEVER, I run the FireFox web browser on them and the thing seems to work great on it.

It is really is cool to have an android tablet built into the phone. My Synology NAS runs Asterisk so I have IP phones around the house, and get a couple of SIP trunks delivered as phone lines.

But like Patrick said, you cant really use an old fashion analog phone line with the phone. (unless you buy something like a DLink SPA3000, FXS/FXO box for another $30…they’ve been discontinued I think, but they in all the ebay places…make sure you get an “unlocked” one so it’s not tied to a specific ISP/Telephony service.) There are newer Cisco branded versions too. They will convert an analog phone line into a VoIP phone line. (or backwards, and let an old fashion phone talk to an IP based telephone line provider)


Thanks Keith, how does smart tiles look with it? Can you arm disarm your alarm through it? My 65 year old mother in law lives with us and I need something she can use to arm and disarm without any unnecessary complications. My old alarm system just had an rfid tap to arm, tap to disarm, I so with we could have that.

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Well you can make a web link icon on the tablet that opens up the website with all the authorizations included so it’s simple to startup. You choose ahead of time what tiles she sees, and as long as you include the Smart Home Monitor in the tile setup, she can pick the Arm/Disarm selections. One cool thing is if she gets stuck, you can go to the same smart tiles link and “help her”.

Thanks Keith, so where is the security here? Is it the fact that you have a locked tablet that needs a pin or do you somehow have a pin on disarm?

I think you are left to your own devices on that one.

Probably don’t want to name the icon “alarm”.
You CAN screen lock the phone with a pattern or pin.
Personally, I’d throw the phone in a locked filing cabinet and wear the key around my neck. (joke)

I’m sure you’ll think of something that’s good enough.

Oh…if you don’t want to get some type of phone line for this…it DOES work really nicely with Skype. My Mom is about your mother-in-law’s age, and skypes my brother’s kids all the time…but she never skypes me or my brother.

Thanks Keith, I’ll let you know what I decide upon. For me the lack of a real alarm panel for smart home security is what is causing issues. The sensors are great it’s just the reliability of having a charged device at hand to arm and disable simply that will compete with a single rfid tap that I’m struggling with in the acceptance stakes.

Well, there’s Keypad Manager.

@625alex and I are aware of the request for PIN entry on an arm/disarm related Tile, so you can count on a feature like this in some future release of SmartTiles.

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If a few weeks, eh? :wink:


Thanks for the heads up, that is one long post, is it considered stable now?

Another problem I’m likely to have is the US and European zigbee frequencies are different :frowning:

Just because the frequencies are different doesn’t mean the DTH is. That’s mainly a hardware thing I think.

I personally couldn’t get the keypad manager to work, but lots of people have.

Does she have a cell phone? Smart Tiles works on that too, and it’s as secured as you choose to secure your cell phone. swipe, keypad pin, fingerprint, etc. Arm and disarm from anywhere she carries the phone.

And responding to an earlier question – Here’s a photo of what a smart tile panel looks like on a GXV3275. It runs Android 4.2.2.