Home control door lock (From Wattle)?

Hello. I dont know if this is the correct place to put this… But I try! My door lock is not by now communicating whit ST. And the developer from the company Wattle has sent me this, so it could be implemented into ST (I belive)…
Anyone who knows and can do this here?
firmware support-portal https://www.heimgard.com/…/firmware-oppgraderingsfiler/

That looks like a firmware update, which you may not need. They state that their lock is Zigbee compliant:

“The products we sell are generally Zigbee compatible”

I would try adding the door lock by following the join instructions for the lock, and within SmartThings, select the Scan Nearby option.

The lock may join as a Thing, or maybe even a lock. Once it joins you can go into the IDE and edit the device’s Type field and select either “ZigBee Lock Without Codes” or “ZigBee Lock” depending on the model of the lock you have.

There’s a lot of information available in this community to help you with the IDE, so make sure to search if you’ve not used the IDE before.


The door lock uses AES256, the most advanced encryption method for transferring data and TPM-Trusted Platform module to store encryption keys. You need the Wattle Multigateway or the Wattle Premium Multigateway to use this device with the Wattle-app.

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@kjell_iwan_grimmer First off - it depends on the lock… If it’s just the “Touch”-model, then you need the Zigbee module. I assume you have either the Smart or the Pro.

I added mine by doing a Add device → Scan nearby. It found the lock as a “Thing”. Then log in, just as @johnconstantelo johnconstantelo says, to the IDE and set it to a different type. I first tried Zigbee Lock, as that made more sense to me, but the lock never reported its status and also the auto-lock seemed to not function properly.

So, I changed it to Zigbee Lock Without Codes and now it works like a charm.

I can lock/unlock through the app, I get the status of the lock and I can get notifications when it’s unlocked by setting up an automation for that and more importantly, the lock behaves as expected with autolocking functioning correctly.

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Hi and thanks for replying.
I bought the gateway also from wattle, and now it will not show up even as a thing! I guess I just will wait until the Wattle/Heimgard will be added to ST. :grimacing:

The Zigbee profile that smartthings uses only allows for one primary coordinator per network. That is, one hub/gateway. And an end device like a lock can only belong to one network at a time. So if you add the lock to the wattle gateway, then it will not be available to add to a smartthings network. So you have to choose one or the other.

Some hub manufacturers do also have a cloud that allows for cloud to cloud integration, so that’s what you would be waiting for.

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