Pine world Q202 door lock(Works with tuya)

Hey guys. Can anyone make a custom device handler for the Pineworld q202 door lock.
This thing is amazing and works on the tuya app.
It’s seems quite robust and has worked well so far.

Manual says its zigbee, although it doesn’t say what flavor of zigbee… have you tried pairing it to ST yet? If it pairs as a “thing” you can try to set it as a zigbee lock and see if it works.

I think you get two variations. Mine just said Wi-Fi But will try it. Thanks. Also don’t you need a custom DH for smartthings to recognise it. Hence Fibaro and the others still need one

Well is not a supported device, so it may or may not work with the zigbee lock DTH. As no one else has posted about the device you wont know till you try and if it does work with the zigbee DTH, you’ll get basic functionality (battery, lock/unlock). Anything beyond that will require a custom DTH that you are more than welcome to write.
If you want a door lock that is known to work stick to devices on this list: