Home connect Bosch washer cant start program

Hi! We recently bought a Home Connect compatible dishwasher and have connected it to Smartthings. While it registers every state and i can turn it off and on, i cant start any program. I can choose programs and the corresponding program will light up on the front of the washer but actually starting it just seems to time out. It can be started from the Home connect app.

anyone know a fix for this?

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You should send an email to SmartThings support and report the issue to them.

But knowing that the official integrations are built by the manufacturers instead of SmartThings, report it to Bosch through their official channels.

I checked and Bosch refers to ST. I’ll contact them both :slight_smile:

@Cptkex82 did you have any joy? I have the exact same issue in that Smartthings can talk with my Bosch Home Connect Dishwasher and make all the right selections it just won’t start the programme.


Sadly no. Bosch only said its not supported at this time :frowning:

Den ons 3 aug. 2022 22:34Paul Bendall via SmartThings Community <notifications@smartthings.discoursemail.com> skrev:

Thanks for the confirmation, at least I won’t waste anymore time trying.

I think the explanation from Bosch is poor and sounds like a bug. I’ll explore other avenues for now


Yeah I was pretty disappointed as well. Feels like a, fixable issue they, aren’t adressing. You could do some cool stuff f it worked.

Den ons 3 aug. 2022 22:59Paul Bendall via SmartThings Community <notifications@smartthings.discoursemail.com> skrev: