Home Connect integration does not work

Hi everyone,

I am using the SmartThings app to control my Bosch smart dishwasher. With the SmartThings REST API I succesfully do the following commands:

  • Turn on the device
  • Set a program
  • Start/Stop program

The problem is with the “Start/Stop program” command (see below) which gives a 200 OK response but does not start the program on the device. Also when I press the play button in the SmartThings app to start the program, I get an error (see picture).
Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong?
If not, when will this issue be resolved?

For this request:
url: https://api.smartthings.com/v1/devices/{deviceId}/commands

    "commands": [{
        "component": "main",
        "capability": "signalahead13665.startstopprogramv2",
        "command": "setStartstop",
        "arguments": ["play"]

I get the following response:
200 OK

    "results": [
            "id": "24bb4e64-3a77-4ff2-82cf-7b0f1e793615",
            "status": "ACCEPTED"


Mine works fine. You might have network issue

Just started program from SmartThings app

Thanks for your quick reply.

The ‘Turn on’ and the ‘Dishwasher programs’ settings in the app work with the machine: ‘Turn on’ turns on the dishwasher and if I select a dishwasher program, that program is also set on the dishwasher. Do you know what network issue it can be?

Did you allow remote start? I believe external control isn’t possible unless you allow remote access. And you need to do it each time.

You can set up remote control permanently.

I’m not sure where that preference is, or where you got that documentation. My owners manual says

On Benchmark series, when I set up dishwasher, first time I connected to the app, pop up came with question to have this permanently on.

This might be the issue

That screenshot is from my user manual.

Could be the OP has a dishwasher that resets each time, like mine:

This is the one I have: https://www.bosch-home.com/us/productslist/out-of-stock/SHEM78ZH5N#/Tabs=section-technical-overview/Togglebox=accessories/Togglebox=manuals/Togglebox=accessoriesOthers/

No, I have this settings for permanent remote control

In paragraf below red line there is explanation for each mode.
Btw I have different series

I guess us ‘lower-end series’ dishwashers aren’t privy to this feature.

When you Activate Remote Start, do you get settings for Permanent Remote Control? Try and see if you get the setting.


Did you ever find a solution for this? I have the exact same issue.

I have the same issues as @Olaf_Nekeman as well. ‘Network error’ from the SmartThings app. Http 200 through code, yet program isn’t started.

I’d say this is a SmartThings issue, not a Bosh issue. I also doesn’t work from the https://my.smartthings.com/advanced/devices page. Click on your dishwasher here and if you scroll down, you can test out all the commands and indeed the setStartstop doesn’t do anything … .

I contacted samsung and bosh support. And now we wait … .

Hi @Koen_De_Jaeger Welcome to SmartThings Community

In this case, SmartThings recognizes the command as valid, so SmartThings will send the command to Home Connected Cloud, It seems that the device is connected as a cloud-to-cloud device, for this reason, SmartThings is not directly controlling the device.

Some previous users discussed the functionality of remote control of the devices, so based on status 200, it is possible that the Home Connect Cloud does not execute the command, but I’m not sure because I’m not familiar with these devices.

Do you have the requestId?

@AlejandroPadilla no requestId, the support is being send by samsung->facebook_NL support and by service.nl@home-connect.com , with whom I had contact today as well.

The first think I tried was give my support through the samsungthings app itself, which ended up at Aanvraag voor mobielreparatie, Samsung → ticket nr 2305629793 . But they told me they are ‘Samsung Content and Services’ and cannot help me. I should go to ‘samsung electronics’, for which I looked half an hour but couldn’t really find it :).

But basically it’s the same information as in this forum. That one request fails in the background. Samsung seems to accept the command, makes an ID for it in the return value. But then it doesn’t end up in the events list.

The events list seems to come from Bosch anyway, because when I start the program with the bosh home connect app, it also shows up in this events list.

I understand. With the request, I can track what happens and see if the problem is related to SmartThings Cloud or Home Connect Cloud, but I have seen logs from this partner, and there are some errors from their cloud. For example, I saw errors related to attempting to change the status of devices, but the ID does not correspond with any device ID.

You can talk to their support and ask if they don’t see any errors on their Connector

My workaround for now is using virtual switches and Alexa voice commands. I was tired of having to scroll through the Home Connect app when I wanted to delay the dishwasher until 3 am. I used 2 virtual switches to solve the issue. The first switch you turn on if you want it to run, the second starts the 3 am command.

If the Run Dishwasher at Night switch is on at 3 am, then Turn on Dishwasher 3 AM switch and turn it off after 2 hours. I also have the other switch turn off at 5 am.

I have 2 others that start the dishwasher when pressed (one for favorite and one for eco, still need to test the eco).

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Funny workaround :slightly_smiling_face:. That actually brings up an improvement idea for the Samsung api device content. If the device list would also expose the status of ‘remote control’ of the dishwasher. You would only need one swich I guess. You could then leave remote control of by default. And only turn it on when you want the machine to trigger a wash/run. But at the moment, you cannot detect in the device list details that remote control is on or off.

I think this is Bosch issue. On my dishwasher everything works fine. This depends on series. I was lucky that store I ordered dishwasher run out of model I wanted (800 series), and they delivered step-up, Benchmark series. Everything works as expected. It does expose almost everything.
I have left Remote Control always on, but I can always control dishwasher from control panel (wife’s preferred method). It just works and status is always updated.

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