Are there SmartThings compatible Dishwashers available today?

Hello all,
I have a home now filled with z-wave lights, sensors and door locks. Our dishwasher died this morning, and I assumed a google search would find some SmartThings or Z-Wave Dishwashers. Nothing is jumping out at me. Looked at Lowe’s website assuming they would have a smart category and they don’t. I also assumed there would be at least one Samsung SmartThings capable dishwasher and I can’t find one. I just chatted with an online rep (very little help) at and he sent me a model that had nothing to do with the question. All that being said, are there any SmartThings compatible dishwashers for sale today?

Thanks all!


No dishwashers yet… but we are keeping an eye on the market demand. In the meantime, I would be more than happy to find a SmartThings staff person to take care of your dishes for you… I volunteer @slagle as tribute.


What are you looking for out of a smart dishwasher? If all you care about is knowing when your cycle is done then just add a energy meter behind the plug of any model. If you need to know the time remaining you may need to look into a wifi one that has a IFTTT channel.

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Good question. I’d love to hear other’s thoughts, but I’l like to see notifications of leak detection, start and stop times, power consumption, remote start or timed start (like an hour after we leave for work), etc… It would be awesome to ask Alexa, “Alexa, are the dishes done?” or even more difficult, “Alexa, are the dishes clean or dirty”?

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Just had a funny thought. I’m also running a “Circle with Disney” box to manage my families internet activity and loving it. It would be awesome if Circle would pause the kids internet until the clean dishes have been unloaded :). Then, once unloaded, the pause is removed and they can play their games or watch Netflix again.


I would just put a leak detector under it for that purpose, hell maybe I’ll do that now. I wouldn’t want to run it with nobody home in case the discharge end let’s go but maybe that’s just me.

Done! Where do I sign?

Samsung has said that in the future all of their appliances will be able to talk to SmartThings, but the timeline given was a few years out.

Meanwhile, if an appliance has an IFTTT channel you can get good indirect integration that way. Samsung has a few appliances set up that way already, including the clothes washer. But not the dishwasher. :disappointed_relieved:

A lot of appliance manufacturers are hesitant to let you actually control the appliance through IFTTT, though. Some of them just will give you information but not let you take action. For example, the GE dishwasher has an IFTTT channel, and it will tell you if there’s a leak, but you can’t start, pause, or stop it. Native app has the same issues. So make sure you check the details carefully before making a purchase based on the fact that it says it has a channel or an app.

Right now the only model line I know of that will let you start the dishwasher from an app is limited to the UK. Hoover wizard. And it doesn’t have any SmartThings compatibility. Let us know if you see any others.

Makes sense to me. With all the bugs you see out here I don’t want an oven that may randomly turn on. If my outside lights or tv comes in in the middle of the day for no reason no biggie.
Anyone out here jumping on a 747 that says “system operated by Smartthings” on the side?

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I’d like this, purely for energy savings. Basically if it had sensors to work out if it had been filled then it could automatically start in the middle of the night. That’s when my electricity tariff is cheap. I did a quick test with my current dishwasher, it’s clunky, but I can kick off a cycle and then use a smart power outlet to kill the power and then resume it at 3am.

AND - for those information data points last week GE “Geneva” and Alexa work together. Alexa, tell geneva to preheat oven to 400" “Alexa, ask Geneva if the cloths are dry”

Samsung now makes a wifi enabled dishwasher (DW80M9960) that works with the Smart Home application. One can remotely turn on/off or pause the dishwasher and/or delay start for a single event using the Smart Home App. However, it would be really cool to be able to schedule multiple events (or even daily events) without manual interaction. Does anyone know: 1) can this device be made compatible with Smart Things? 2) Is there some other way to create a scheduling app that will invoke the smart home app and enable scheduling for more that one event? Thank you.

I do not recommend drying your clothes in the oven. If you must I suggest something lower than 400 deg.