Home Care Service Stopped Working (26 April 2024) Went down again (28 April 2024)

Today I noticed the Home Care SmartApp stopped working and is showing message “there was a problem connecting…try again later” and I have rebooted the phone, closed the app several times and still showing the message

Is there any ongoing outage related to this?


And now it looks like the Food Service under Life section (same as Home Care) is having problems too

Can’t answer for the Home Care app as I don’t use it, but the Food app is running without problems. Today Samsung Food has updated.

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My home care service in the SmartThings app is showing the same problem. :disappointed_relieved:

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I just tried to uninstall and reinstall and during the install it says “we encountered a problem…try later” and it cancel the install

I uninstalled the Food and reinstalled and seems to be working normal now. Weird I have to do that

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Just to let everyone know. After sometime it came back and working normally now. Maybe there was a glitch or something


Well, today I realized those 2 services went down again. They are not loading :frowning:

Be sure to report the issue to ST support when the issue occurs and send them logs. All this can be done in the ST app.

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