Home Automation - 3 - 4 Month Project [May - Aug] (Canada)

Thanks, I’ll keep the rules as simple as possible. If you do end up trying blink please update me on how it goes. I am only moving in to my new place at the end of this month, at which point all the automation is gonna start.

Noted! What about generic ipcams like the foscam, I know it’s not completely smartthings integrated but seems like a good alternative.

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Start small. I moved in about 8 months ago, got some Hue bulbs and Nest. Waited for ST Version 2 to come out. Then only did a switch here and there and took my time. I bought 6 GE switches and installed them in the living room, then realized later that 2 of them made no sense (had Hues color changers in them) so I had to relocate them.

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It doesn’t seem to be the number of devices you have, smart apps running, or any one thing (except SHM) that is causing the problems.

I currently have 104 physical devices installed and more going in. I have over a hundred rule scenarios, and I have not had the major problems that shine have had with only 20 devices.

So far, the only thing we’ve figured out that is causing the problems, is smartthings.


What are the advantages of LiftMaster? I’ve always wondered because I just use a $35 switch/relay to run my garage door. I know LiftMaster is much more. What am I missing out on? I know you mentioned the security aspect.

noted, I initially plan on starting with the doors and a few motion sensors, and build on it over 4 months.

Holy crap what is it with you guys with a hundred devices and rules? Do you guys live in a hundred thousand foot square house? My house is 2700 which isn’t small but not big. If I had 90 device I would hope that it would wipe my ass for me at least. Lol. I know in a year or so I’ll probably have 20 more devices but man. Right now everything is pretty much covered in my house. From here on out it will be just fun and cool things to think of doing.


Lol, I am also looking at a scenario where I will probably have close to a 100 if not more. Right now all the devices I mentioned are only for the main floor and basement. I have the second floor left (leaving for later).

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Actually, kohler has this new toilet coming out that is controlled via an app…

As soon as I can, Alexa will wipe my ass for me!


I haven’t even started on the outside. I plan to build devices for my blinds as well.

There is a whole lot more that I still want to do.

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If you need to source devices from manufacturers for blinds, get in touch and I will see what I can do. Also we are going to be introducing a few smart options for blinds and shades next month. No bridge required and should be fairly affordable. In most cases same cost as retrofitting.

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I have a friend that was telling me about these new blind Motors cheaper then anything else out right now. This wouldn’t happen to be your stuff is it?

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In terms of sourcing stuff well I can get most items directly from somfy or Graber (same as Bali), Comfortex (a lot of hunter douglas products) and some that are manufactured by us. The new ones are products that will be manufactured by a major partner, I am just not allowed to release information as of now. It will have home automation protocols integrated and in most cases the new blind/shade that’s pending release will cost about the same or just a bit more than retrofitting motors with the ZRTSII. The products are currently undergoing testing to make sure they work as intended.

You can set up a scenario where this won’t happen. Highly recommend Smart Alarm app.

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I have several battery powered sensors outside with no issues. I live in Omaha, Ne and it can get pretty cold here in the winter. At times down to around zero and some years even -10

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One thing I was thinking of possibly doing was attaching a window/door sensor to the vacs. When the switch has the open status the motion detectors on that floor are off, when it has the closed status they are on. It would close when the vac docs itself and open when its out and about.

That would work. There are actually probably quite a few ways to get around that.

With your window sensor situation if you’re worried about expense. You can use a $27 window sensor and attach old school magnet window sensors to them and wire them in series and work multiple windows in one shot. If you had two windows next to each other you would know when it’s open but you wouldn’t know which one.

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That definitely works. Noting it down to look into it.

There are definitely are people running the platform with more success. I used to have very few problems until the last month where I’ve had problems daily. As I was literally typing this, ST thinks my wife left and came back home. It’s been doing this all day back and forth is quite frustrating. I’ve already rebooted the hub which usually fixes that, but it’s not helping this time. My advice is if you invest into the platform, don’t invest in ST sensors so if you ever leave the platform, you can reuse your hardware. Most of my hardware is ZWave and will work on Wink, however, I did purchase around 6 ST sensors that will only work on ST which I regret. I have a few requirements such as Harmony integration, Somfy integration, Simplisafe alarm integration and Lock code management and no other platform besides ST can fulfill this requirement. Ironically, 3 out of those 4 were community based solutions which shows you how powerful this community is.