Hive motion and door sensors

Hi folks, currently I am using Orvibo dh, thers also a Hive dh, problem is, one or the other only shows either temp or motion, neither will do both, I asked on the fb group regarding this and they said there’s an Edge driver now, well, my search on here yielded little help, can someone please advise? Thank you.

Try this thread

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Hi and thank you for the reply, i follwed the link and then found what i think is it on github, is it just me or is setting edge up a lot more involved compared to using device handlers, it looks quite complicated for my brain, again, thank you.

It’s a lot easier to install edge drivers.

This member is the one you want for the hive motion sensor.

Just sign in and enroll to his page and click available drivers.

HI, thanks for the reply and link, sadly, when i go to login, it accepts it then the Samsung spinny thing for waiting shows and that’s it, it just keeps spinning :frowning:


Hi Mariano.

I’m trying to help bushy get the hive motion sensor edge driver.

He’s having a problem accessing your page.



I have tried and I can access correctly
@Ashley69 Can you access?
There may be some problem in the servers in your area, I don’t know

No problem here logging in.

@bashy. Are you using the correct username and password for your SmartThings account?

Thanks for looking into this for me, its the same username and password for here, they are already in chrome’s vault to its all done using my fingerprint. I will try again tomorrow using a proxy in case there’s an issue from me to there if ya know what I mean. There’s always sommat lol

Just tried it with a vpn proxy set to the USA and tried chrome, still the same, tried the Samsung browser and it gave me this errrot

An unexpected error occurred

Sorry about that.

We have logged this error for support. If this error persists, email us at with the Reference ID and Error Time included below.

  • Reference ID: df5c5bda-adbc-444d-9618-2146abf2f89e
  • Error Time: 2022/02/21 18:08:51

Try this link

Sadly still the same, thank you for persisting with me.

I am logging in with my Samsung account, not a smarttings account login, i don’t have a Smartthings login, I’ve always only ever had Samsung, that’s how i login to my hub and Device Handlers etc

It doesn’t matter which one you sign in with.
I’ll ask @Mariano_Colmenarejo to send the enrol link from his pc to see if that makes any difference.

Much appreciated, thank you

This is channel link

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things

That works great, thank you :slight_smile: :grinning:

I’m not sure which ones are for the hive motion and door switch, please.

Is this whole idea different to adding device handlers?

Yes. No more copy and paste. You just install the driver and pair your device. Make sure you delete the device from SmartThings first before repairing.
If you install all the Zigbee motion and contact sensor drivers from Mariano’s page then when you scan from the app it should pick up the correct driver.

Thanks ever so much for the help, I have added 1 hive motion and 1 hive door sensor so far, just to test this. In st the motion sensor has, battery, motion and temp. The door switch is only show battery and switch, no temp, does that mean I’ve installed the wrong contact switch perhaps? Although, I only see one contact in there, the other contact switch is for ecolink, Thank you again for your help guys

Does anyone have experience with this outdoor light with sensor? The sensor should work at a height of 6 meters, which is nice at our company.