Cant create more then 3 virtual switches

@JDRoberts @Automated_House I revamped all my routines with alexa yesterday & even redid some automatons in smartthings & want to say thank you again. I keep running into 1 small problem & maybe you can help. I have 3 virtual switches created but everytime I create the 4th one, it says checking status so I then hit the switch to turn on or off & checking status is gone. It appears in alexa but when I hit the switch in smartthings the voice automation is bot working. I’m using the simulated alexa switch in smartthings devices. My 3 other switches work. Any help is appreciated.

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I haven’t heard of that one before! :thinking: how are you creating the virtual switches and what DTH are you using?

I go in to the ide, in devices & I use the simulated alexa switch to create it. So far the 3 switches I made work, I tested them to make sure. I just keep getting stuck on the 4th. I tried creating a virtual switch in the smart app labs, but alexa does not see that. I also created a button with a dry from somewhere on this forum but alexa didn’t see that also.

How many total devices do you have on your account?

Just 3 virtual switches. I just rebooted the hub & forced stop the app while clearing the cache. Maybe that will help. If I’m correct there is not a limit on virtual switches.

There is a limit on total number of devices, physical plus virtual combined, which is now 200.

I dont even have 200 but I just tried using the virtual switch to turn on lights when switch is on & it works. What I’m going to do is create a new alexa routine & see if it works that way.

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Ok @JDRoberts deleting the routine & creating a new one did the trick. Thank you. Only thing I’m wondering if I should make one automation to shut off any virtual switch its turned on instead of making an automation for each.

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I think whatever works best for you. Glad to hear the problems fixed, anyway. :sunglasses:

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