Lots of events missing in history

It seems every other day, nothing will show in “History” in the new app for about 12 hours. From 7:47 pm to 7:07 am last night I have no events in my history. There are many events that should be showing during that time. I’ve noticed these ~12 hour gaps several times this past week. Anyone else?

This keeps happening. What fixes it for me temporarily is to tap the three dots menu icon in the upper right corner of the history screen. Deselect the top item, which for me is “Other”, then re-select it again. Go back to history and scroll down slowly. The first time I dod this, I deselected and re-selected everything. The second time I just did the one and it worked.

That worked, thank you.

I don’t look at History much but I have a bit over the last few days. It is in one of its moods where it only wants to display recent history and then leaves a big gap. In my case the history seems OK to about last Friday morning but after that I only get whatever comes down in the latest refresh.