High latency & repeat triggers

Have issues today with previously successful automations.
Currently, long lag between ST sensors activating and Alexa routines running. Note that sensor condition is showing up in time frame expected.
Also communication between IFTTT and ST appears slow.
Anybody else having such issues?

People have been reporting difficulty with smartthings sensors and Alexa routines for since April. Engineering has been working on it and the problems have come and gone, but not affecting all people.

Maybe they’re doing some more work on it today and that’s what you are seeing. It’s been very frustrating.

Virtual switches (alexa) keep braking

I’ve read.
Its also affecting IFTTT now.

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Only virtual sensors or physical ones as well?

Now, I’m getting multiple notifications from Alexa with no additional triggers.

Physical sensor on garage door now keeps announcing garage door closed.
Virtual switch not being operated by IFTTT.

Yuck. Sorry to hear that.

FWIW, all devices show online in IDE.