Virtual momentary switch problems

I am using virtual momentary switches to trigger routines with Alexa but ever since the latest update those switches are no longer working properly. Only think I can think of/notice is the switches seems to turn back off much faster than normal and isn’t triggering IFTTT. Is anyone else having any similar issues, any thoughts?


It shouldn’t matter how fast the on/off Events are sent, as long as they reach the IFTTT SmartApp in the right order.

Watch Live Logging to confirm the flow of events (I’m not sure how much debugging the IFTTT web service connector has? … or is its source code open in the GitHub Repo?).

Anyone have any ideas why a virtual momentary switch might get stuck in the on position? This is a recent bug for me, only a month or two, but I can’t understand why it’s randomly happening. I’m definitely no tech but the logs have no glaring errors other than sometimes a virtual switch just doesn’t turn off.