High data usage

I have been using smartthings for past few years but since mid last month for some reason the hub started using a lot of data and im talking about over 7GB per month. How is that possible? Nothing was changed, no new devices were added. I can’t seem to figure out what is causing the issue. I know there was a firmware update on may 4th so the additional spike i can understand but as you can see since mid-April it is consistently sending large amount of data.

Is this your hub or mobile app? Do you have any rules or apps which use a lot of hub based rules/local LAN API’s (all of which route through the hub from the server)?

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This data usage is for the hub. Hmm smart lighting using motion sensors, other than just the normal stuff. and nothing was changed during this period.

should check if the firmware is up to date, or if it is having trouble trying to update.

Firmware version is 30.00003 so seems like it is up to date.

The only thing I see is that it’s querying graph-na04-useast2.smartthings.com every 2 seconds

Which program is this and which identifier is it using to track the hub? The only remotely plausible explanation would be if your hub was downloading a firmware update every day. I checked and the lone update is from May 4th which you previously noted.

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Looks like Google WiFi. And that does seem high. Mine pulls less than 20 mb a day.


Yes you are correct, it’s google wifi and mine used to be the same as yours above. It all started mid April as you can see from the graph. I have tried restarting it multiple times in case it was just connecting to a weird server but that didn’t help. 7gb monthly seems like an insane amount.

It shows the MAC ID and IP address of the hub so I know it is the hub.