Excessive Data Usage

I am converting to a cellular modem. The first 2 days the smartthings hub consumed > 1 gig of data. The hub is the only device connected to the cell modem. There aren’t any wifi connections on the modem (doesn’t have that capability) I had only 6 devices on my smartthings network. 2 door sensors, 1 pir sensor, 1 water sensor, a smoke detector, and one schlage lock. My Hub is a version2 with the latest firmware.

Per the event list the lock was sending data every minute. The water sensor and door sensors were repeatably sending battery and temp and door status, timing sometimes as < 1 minute between them. It was constant. The only device that did not trigger numerous events was my smoke detector, it was normal at about 1 per hour.

This property is a summer house, only occupied for 3 months per year.

I have at this point removed all devices, added them one at a time. I added an Rboys device handler and app for the Schlage Lock and that has settled down . I added the water sensor ( Smarthings “smartsense” sensor ) and my data rate went up with the pings, temp and battery and DRY reports.

I need a PIR, Door, and Water sensor that doesn’t flood the cell modem with data that I Only want ON EVENT occurring or querying with my app. and I really don’t need A temperature report on 5 different places in my <1000 sq ft condo. Or a manner and information to program the parameters of the devices.

BTW I tried the ZWave Tweaker device manager and that didn’t work, and I am sniffing the Z-wave with the TI usb sniffer.

Any assistance would be appreciated

That seems really excessive just for ST and the number of devices you have. Is the hub new, and/or did it get a firmware update in those 2 days?

I know zwave devices don’t send data as frequently as zigbee devices do, but I just can’t understand how you can rack up a gig of data with just the few sensors you have.

What you are reporting does not seam correct. I have ~125 generous mix of LAN, Zigbee, Zwave and C2C devices with a metric crap ton of automations and my data usage from my v2 hub looks like:

The big spike was a firmware upgrade. Shy of fairly rare firmware updates the hubs data usage should be constant but low.

Similar to @sidjohn1’s post, I was looking for similar metrics from my set up with 270 devices (LAN, Zwave, Zigbee), but unfortunately I couldn’t easily get that with my CenturyLink modem. I do know that it’s nowhere near yours because I was on a Verizon modem for a a couple days last year, and we never got close to a gig.

Thanks for your reply

No, the Hub is a couple of years old. It’s a version 2 with the latest firmware. Firmware was updated before I took it off the cable modem. Data usage wasn’t important in the past, but we decided to kill our cable internet as it was only used for the security system 9 months of the year. That’s the reason for the low device count. If I can’t get it down to a reasonable data level I’m going to chuck it and design ESP32 or ESP8266 system and just use a cell modem module to send texts.

It’s the constant temp, battery, dry and closed events that are being generated by the “smartsense” devices. With all of them now disconnected and just my Schlage lock and my First Alert smoke detector the only devices on the hub, my data usage is in the dirt.


I moved the hub from my cable modem to my cellular modem The morning of July 16, My cell data usage at that point was < 50 mb, by 36 hours later it was 1.2g.

Since removing the Water Sensor, both door sensors, and the PIR, my data usage is < 20mb

Since I removed the devices, the Event lists for them are gone.


You could try putting together your own version of the DTH for those devices and change the configuration for how often the device sends an update. Those are Zigbee devices, so Tweaker won’t help you there, but by passing the right config parameters on a minimum report time you could reduce things a bit.

It still seems very odd to me that you’ve used that much data in 2 days for so few devices. You’d likely drain those little batteries pretty quick if they were reporting fast enough to consume a gig in 2 days.

Here’s the usage for my hub (60-70 devices) over the last 30 days. Total usage is showing as 11,225,770 KB.

I think after you use the custom (cloud) DTH just to set the configuration values, you should be able to switch back to the stock (local) DTH to handle the devices in on the hub. I think you’d definitely not want cloud processing for any of them.

Or you might just switch to a local-processing centric system, like Hubitat.

Not sure I want to take the time to design a DTH for each device. Life shouldn’t be this hard. The DTH for Especially the Smartthings brand sensor should already have the ability to modify the parameters of the device, esspecially update and reporting schema.

I’m just looking for single 1’s and 0’s. I’m at my summer home so when I leave I’ll take the sensors, chuck the hub and use the sensors at my other location. My stepson is implementing 5 Smarthings hubs there.

I’ll just duplicate my security system that I designed and am using in my RV. Which only costs me $11 a month. Using Temp, open/close and GPS texts and sms queries.

Thanks to everyone for their responses

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That depends on your requirements and setup. If you’ve got dual ISP’s, UPS’s, and proper fail over, then at least you’ve protected yourself somewhat. You’re still dependent on cloud services like Google and Amazon, as well as ST, but those don’t don’t impact me as much as power outages right now.

If Hubitat would ever come up with a UI that my family could expect to use, them maybe Hubitat for me one day (no ActionTiles or SharpTools, no disrespect to them BTW).

As mentioned by others, that amount of data isn’t consistent with expected values. The data size for device events is very small - kilobits. Hundreds of Mb a day would excessively drain the batteries.

Is the data usage being tracked by the cellular modem? Do you know if it’s based on MAC address or something else?

It’s being tracked by the cellular carrier. It’s still running and connected to the cell network, but there aren’t any network devices connected to it. It only has a single lan port, and no wifi. and hasn’t used any data since the hub was disconnected. The device event log was showing at times as many as 8 published data values in a single minute. The live logging also reflected that. I wish I had the device log to show.

It didn’t make any sense to me then, it doesn’t make any sense to me now. I came from an industrial controls background, used to troubleshoot industrial comms. This one didn’t make any sense. I went through the system step by step, the only device I never deleted was the hub. Disassociated every device, reset them, and added them back in, one at a time. Debugging each one. Of course it was easier than in the old days when I used to have to deal with > 1000 nodes at times.

Since adding my lock back in I have had 2 events on it in the past 6 hours, an unlock, and lock, triggered by me at the lock. My smoke detector has had none and probably won’t for another day or so to say it’s online.

When I added the water sensor back in, I had about 30 in the first 10 minutes, ( batt,temp,dry) the same with the door sensor, dis-associated them again and put them on the shelf. I’m too old to waste my time on stuff that doesn’t work, when I know it should, Logic tells me that, the forums tell me that, but the devices don’t.

It would be good if we could disable device->hub messages by type if we have multi-sensing devices we don’t want all the information from.

I see there is a misunderstanding here regarding data and events.

Events only created if there is a change in the value. Meanwhile data is still sent from the Hub to the cloud and can be that no events are recorded.

Search the forum for extensive data usage issues. There used to be a few before an some has resolved it.

Search for “data usage” to start.

Or here is a topic to look at:

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Latest Update.

First I disconnected all network devices from my Netgear 4G LTE cellular modem, But did not power it down or remove it from the cell connection. Data Usage on my Ting Account for 7 days was .05 mb.

Disconnected all devices from the hub and de-commissioned V2 Hub. Commissioned A New V3 Hub on my wired cable modem. Allowed it to run WITH NO devices for 2 days , verified that it is at the latest firmware. Still no devices connected to the Smartthings. Powered down Both the V3 Hub and the Netgear modem. Connected the hub to the Lan Port of the cell modem and powered both up. The Netgear connected to the Cell service and assigned an IP to the Smartthings hub. Did a singular check on the IPhone app (1 minute, then iphone powered down) and the Smartthings Web Page us.account.samsung.com ( 4 minutes the computer rebooted) to verify that it was live. That was at 1:01 PM Today, Just checked my Ting Data usage which At 1:00 PM reported .06 mb usage, now it shows 47.75 mb. AGAIN, NO devices are connected to the hub. hub WiFi is not configured, and it is the ONLY connection to the Cellular Modem.

Why the heck is this thing using data when it should be static. Event Report shows it going offline at the time I disconnected and back online 1 min 50 secs later. There are multiple Pings (15/hr)

Even without devices the hub will maintain a connection to SmartThings servers.

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Well, That kills this product for me. I can’t use it for my security system anymore, since I am killing my cable modem.

It will go in the dumper. It’s useless to me.

It is cloud based home automation system. Look at Hubitat or Home Assistant if you want to use it without Internet connection.

Otherwise reset it and remove it from your Samsung account, then put it on ebay. Someone might would be interested about it.