Smartthing high data usage

Hello All,

I’m new to the SmartThings community and v2 hub. I just built a house in the boonies and was required to get a data plan from Verizon for installed home internet. In other words, I’m limited on data now.

We just moved in the house on Sunday. I have the hub hooked up and only running one thing. A Schlage front door lock. I also have 2 Ecobee thermostats connected.

I am getting a crazy high data drain/usage from the hub. About 150mb per 30 minutes. When I disconnect the hub from my router, the drain stops.
This seems very high and I don’t think it’s right.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing the high data usage and how to stop it? I am planning to run the entire house off the hub and Amazon Echo, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to if I can’t get the data usage under control.

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.


Shouldn’t be the ST hub. Mine ran under 10 mb per day for the few days this week when I had it running over a cellular connection.


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It’s probably my phone screen, although I have a note, and still cannot :eyeglasses:


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Just a complete shot in the dark, but could it have just been the hub updating ? If it is a new hub it would undoubtedly need a few firmware updates.

That’s possible. Is there anyway to check the hub for data usage and what might be consuming it?

Whats the latest firmware update?

I should be on the latest, and I have 000.014.00040

That’s is what I have also. I know the data drain is something from the hub. When I disconnect it, the data drain stops. I just don’t know why or what could be causing it.

Am I the only one whos had the high data drain?

I got a Freedom pop access point thinking I could use cellular for my ST setup that way I was good even if my ISP wend down. I was using about 150MB a DAY with no cameras at the time. I dont know if they did something to make the V2 hub more chatty or what but yeah I had to scrap that plan.

Where are you checking the data usage?

You could be seeing a stack underfloor causing a corrupted reading on the data flow…

See if you can find a third party data monitor, or your router.

I am still on V1 and have been running FreedomPop for nearly two years. My average per month is right around 160MB. The V1 hub has about 50 devices with half of them being multi sensors and motion detection devices.

Something is wrong with your hub, or something else has inadvertently connected to your hotspot. One thing to be careful of, and this has happened to me, if you have a cellphone configured to use multiple WiFi and you have the FreedomPop hotspot programmed in, sometimes the phone wants to connect to it instead of the everyday WiFi router. Or if the main WiFi is briefly interrupted your phone will automatically switch over.

Just a few thoughts to help you figure it out. Good Luck.

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some devices have ignorant default update threshholds - my prime example is the ST plugin Outlet and similar (like Centralite 3210L?) for which the device-type has a default update differential of 0.1W . IF a load is plugged in and the load varies by more than (guessing 0.05W?) THEN you can have a stupidly-large number of updates for an insignificantly-varying load.

In my case this module can throw more than 8 updates per minute. If I applied more than one module like this, then I’m sure the traffic could be burdensome with little value.

Reading your phone app log should show where the data is being consumed.

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Interesting, I have my on a Freedom Pop hub now, I left it run on that for 4 days, did not even come close to 10mb a day.

While it is a strong indicator, it does not necessarily mean it is the hub. For example, the hub may be taking an address that another device has,therefore causing both devices to communicate in a panic type state - never getting a health complete session as each device is competing for that IP.

The only reason I question it being the ST hub, is there are several folks, myself included, with the ST hub behind a freedompop. I am not coming close to 10mb per day.

Data Point: I have NO devices on the local IP network the ST hub would communicate with. The only IP communication it should/does have is with the ST Hub.

You can also check out live logging. To see if the schalge lock or any smart app just going crazy. 150MB is a lot of data, which I agree may be a hub update but would think it wouln’t be much more than 150MB>

Are you running any SmartApps on the hub?

How do you do live logging? I’ve been trying to find something like that.

Sorry for all the newbie questions. Once my house is setup, I’m sure I’ll be a pro.

On your IDE page, at the top where it says My Locations, Hubs etc look to the right. Click Live Logging. It can can a few minutes for everything that is being used to show up.

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