Data Usage Spikes Every 3 Hours

My WiFi hub downloads and uploads about 50-100MB of data every 3 hours like clockwork to the tune of 500MB/day. I don’t have anything else on the network (its in my RV). I only have 3 multisensors and a motion sensor attached. I don’t have auto-update turned on. Having the app open on my phone makes no difference nor does having it armed or not. I have read lots of posts on the subject but haven’t found any fixes. All firmware is up to date. Any ideas? Thanks.

@Brad_ST, here is another high data usage topic without any explanation.

@Ttrain, have a look at this topic, might help identify something:

I read that post and it didn’t seem to come to any conclusions. I have rebooted a zillion times. What is even in a 50-100MB download exactly every six hours? I can maybe understand if its uploading sensor data to the cloud. Since I installed the hub in my RV for use mostly on cellular I can’t be using this much data. I ordered a Hubitat that will arrive tomorrow so I’ll see how that works out. I have had ST in my house for 5+ years but so I never really focused on its data usage.

The graph shows every six hours. I have seen mention of Plume doing automatic ISP speed tests every six hours. Is that a feature the WiFi hub has?


You’ve made me a dejavu. A few month ago a user was telling a similar story of using a Hub in an RV or in a weekend house on mobile data plan, and the usage is too much.

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What is the model number of the hub?

If it’s the newest WiFi mesh version, the one that uses Plume (ET-WV525), then as @orangebucket mentioned it could be a Plume internal check. In that case, check with Plume support as SmartThings support is generally clueless about Plume features.

Another possibility is that it’s a hub firmware update that is failing and so restarting again periodically. What’s the firmware level?

This was the similar issue what I just mentioned:

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A new hub firmware update is scheduled to be pushed to wifi hubs on Nov. 4, 2020

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I found a toggle inside Plume “Auto-run ISP Speed Tests”. I toggled it off so we’ll see what happens but I suspect that was the problem! I am confident that is the issue as I read it runs every few hours. This is why I love support boards. Thanks OB!

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This is what I was going to recommend checking. My understanding is that the auto-run speed test is supposed to occur automatically if Plume detects performance issues. If that doesn’t help, let us know.


It was indeed the auto-run speed test setting in Plume. My data usage is back down to negligible all day. Seems that is a setting in Plume that should default to “off”. Based on the numbers I observed, that could add up to 15GB/month of data!