Data usage? What’s Normal for SmartThings?

I started to have a look at all devices on my network after my ISP was informing me of abnormally high data usage.
While I found the main culprit to an AV package that was constantly trying to download definitions and failing, I found that my SmartThings hub is generating a lot of data and I was wondering if this is normal or not.
And if it it normal and I were to block it, what would happen to my functionality.

Below you can find what I’m seeing on my firewall as far as traffic is concerned:

I’m using around 19GB a week in these 2-minute interval data-dumps

I have the following connected:

  • ecobee
  • 2 smart lightbulbs
  • 2 wifi plugs
  • 6 smart wall-light switches
  • linked to Amazon echo
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Brand and model of the lightbulbs, wall switches, wall plugs, And model of your hub?

And do you have any smart apps/pistons running which do polling/refresh?

And do you have over the air (OTA) zigbee firmware updates enabled?

The lights are Sengled Element Classic’s
The switches are GE toggle switches
The hub is a v2
No smart apps or anything else special set up
OTA is not enabled

Brand and model of the wall plugs?

just checked and those are not connected to smartthings, just my Amazon Echo

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I don’t think is related to SmartThings. Is there more to the logs than that screenshot?


It’s SSL traffic, so can’t see the content of it.
But the traffic is definitely coming from the SmartThings device.

Here is the full details on some of that traffic:

That block definitely belongs to AWS

What does “7.36 MB/3.58 MB” refer to? Data xferred in and out (or vice-versa)? And is this activity happening in bursts, or it is pretty consistent all day every day?

Data Sent/Received
So it looks like it is trying to send data or logs off and is failing or something.
And every 2 minutes it is trying again, but adding slightly more data to it, since the size keeps going up over time.

Nearly 3.6 MB seems like an awfully large response to a log or other data upload.

ok, so really strange thing.
This has persisted for a couple weeks now, even survived a reboot of the hub.
I blocked that IP in my firewall about an hour ago and new connections to took their place.
The original requests completely stopped after a couple failures.
The connections to are only a couple KB in size and stay within the 1-5KB in size, as one would expect.

I unblocked the other IP, but it is no longer being contacted.
Very strange…

So I’m guessing on of the ST servers is having issues or a misconfiguration.
I’ll certainly keep an eye on this to see if this returns or not.

That also appears to be an AWS EC2 instance in what looks like the same AZ as the other address. Beyond that, I’m lost on what it could be doing.

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Looks like some weird code issue with load balancing, where it keeps retrying as long as the IP is available, but when it’s not then it switches to a secondary IP?

I guess that’s the problem with closed source software :slight_smile:

Although I suppose you can shoehorn mitmproxy or something in there and try to see what the hub is doing.

@Dardiana is this still occurring?

Someone internally pointed out that this screenshot may reflect an increasing sum over time. That would certainly more closely match the expected data usage. For example, between lines 5 and 6, there was a ~10 Kb data sent.

No, since posting this here, things have been normal.
The IP smartthings connected to changed a couple times after reboots, but all traffic looks normal now.
This is what is looks like right now:

I thought about the idea of increasing sum over time as well, but then it would show the same way in the logs now as well.
Also, when I looked up traffic usage by biggest receiving IP addresses, the IP from the original screenshot was always number 1 in the list of received traffic.

So, this was a very strange thing. Glad it fixed itself though.

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I’ve been seeing similar issue with my hub as well. Trying to throttle it down, but then I start seeing odd issues. The bandwidth down is steady at 500mb/day.

@Dardiana have you arrived to any conclusion?

After a couple restarts, the smartthings unit connected to a different cloud ip. The issue stopped after that happened. Not resurfaced either. So my guess is something was wrong on one of their servers at that time.

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