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I bought a smart Things hub v2, is works ok in my home in Chile where we have 220 volts. we also have the same Z wave frequency as US 908,4 Mhz

I`m having trouble finding “things” to connect that are for 220 volts.

Can enyone help me find some?

Light Bulbs, light switchs, and other.



Have alook over to europe for 220v things - thats all I can say - I’m though not sure if the things actuslly are fixed or multivoltage 110/220 capable which is more likely these days but the specs dont say on the samsung website …

Hola Roberto

I;m on the same boat. Shopping in the US to use in Israel at 230v. The Zwave frequency is different, but I am using the US frequency.

These are the products I bought after researching a lot:

Bulbs: Only Phillip Hue bulbs are multivoltage, the same models are good for US and 220-230v countries.

Amazon have them on a special sale of 17% off when you buy 4. (still expensive)

You can buy also Osram or ant other bulb from Europe, but it would be more expensive. try amazon.es

Switches: enerwave microswitches

Aeon Labs microcontroller

Aeon labs Siren Gen5 and LED Bulb can be used on 220V as well (also have a 90 - 260VAC range).

All of aeon plugin devices are compatible on 220VAC, Dimmers are a bit special:
They function on 110 - 220 VAC but can only be used on 60Hz. - so check if in Chile you use 50 or 60 hz.

Aeon Labs energy switch are also multi voltage

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Hi I’m in the same situation than Roberto. Z wave fraq es the asme here as US but 220 v. So very difficult to find 220v thing compatible.
Does anyone know lights with adjustable voltage from 110-240V? Like it is the hub? Also does any one know if exist swtiches with regulable voltage?
Does anyone know if smartthing hub is compatible with Milight? That light has adjustable voltage and works fine in 220v.

Thanks in advance.



I do not know if you tried, in the absence of information, I did and I can assure that the Outlet that comes in the kit works with 220v perfectly.

Same here, using US Zwave frec 908.42 MHz in southamerica (220v)

Does anyone tried to buy from alibaba? I’m looking for non neutral wire switch that also works with 220v and 908.42 MHz

I’m using this, it works with Aeon switch & dimmer only & need 3 wires connect to the Aeon micro switch/dimmer.
Very nice design & not so expensive

Hi @esteban1193 , I’m living in Asia and my country uses AC 220v, 50Hz. I’m going to buy a SmartThings hub and some Aeon Labs’ Dimmers but I’m getting lost in choosing which devices are supported in my country . Could you give me any advice? I dont know which SmartThings hub ( an US or EU version) and what kind of Aeon labs dimmers to buy . If possible , pls let me know the model number of Aeon labs dimmers or give me the links . Thanks you in advance

Besides the voltage you need to check the Zwave frequency they use in your country.
Frequency in MHz Used in
865.2 India
868.1 Malaysia
868.42 ; 869.85 Europe
868.4 China, Korea
869.0 Russia
908.4 ; 916.0 USA
915.0 - 926.0 Israel
919.8 Hong Kong
921.4 ; 919.8 Australia, New Zealand
922.0 - 926.0 Japan

In my case, Ilive in Israel but I bought all my hub and things in the US and I am using only their things because they are cheaper and there is a much larger variety.
you cant mix them. (you can use zigbee or wifi) but nost of the connected things are in Zwave protocol.

Aeon labs has most oof their stuff for 220v - but for the dimmer you;ll need to check the hz 50 or 60.

Bulbs - only Phillips Hue

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About the US Hub , I can easily use an adapter to change the voltage but I
can hardly find an Aeon Dimmer which uses 220V 50Hz and US zwave frequency.
Could you pls recommend me a specific one? ( if possible, pls give me its
model name or a link)
About Philips Hue , it only supports 110V ( in its catalog) and by the way,
can it directly connect to SmartThings Hub without using any bridge?
Hope to hear from you soon.

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phillips hue are 220 also - even if it says 110. It works

Hi @esteban1193 , the Philips Hue color bulb works well with 220v without any problem , doesnt it? Besides, I also want to buy Philips Hue white bulbs, here is the link

Could you please confirm me whether it works with 220v or not, hope to hear from you soon

yes, they work perfectly.

I have just emailed the Philips Hue Website, they said that the bulbs will burn out due to not suitable voltage. However, they work perfectly in your case, dont they? Thank you for your reply.

For Philips Hue bulbs, do you need their hub or you can connect the bulbs directly to the SmartThings hub? Are all A19 Philips Hue bulbs compatible with 220V or only certain ones? Thank you

Did you get a reply if these Philips Hue bulbs can be connected directly to SmartThings hubs or need to install the Philips Bridge? Thank you

Phillips makes different models of their bulbs. Some will work with 110 V only, some will work with 220. The 220v models are sold in both the South American and the EU markets, so you just have to find a source for the ones that will work with your voltage.

It is best to use them with the hue bridge. While it is technically possible to connect a Hue bulb directly to the smartthings hub, it can cause problems with the zigbee network. Using them with the Hue bridge is the only officially supported method.

I only have z-wave devices connected to SmartThings hub, nothing directly to wifi on 2.4GHz, so should that be ok? Also, some reviewers mentioned that some A19 Philips Hue bulbs, even though they show as 110V compatible, they are in fact compatible with 220V as well. Thank you for your reply.

It’s up to you, but again, the only officially supported method is using the hue bridge.

As far as individual reviewers who say that the bulbs work with 220, the fact that they put the bulb in the socket and it didn’t explode doesn’t mean that it is “working well.” You could still reduce the life of the bulb, it could react badly to a power surge, etc. and the company will not honor the warranty if you use it with the wrong voltage.

The fact that the manufacturer tells you not to use that bulb with that voltage should be enough information. :sunglasses:

Hi! The philips Hue bulbs cannot connect directly to ST hub. It need a Hue
Bridge to work. I bought a Hue bridge and a ST hub, they function very
well. If you only use automation to control lights, I recommend that you
should only buy Philips Hue bulbs and bridge and its own motion sensor, you
dont need a ST hub

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