Help! Zigbee switch turns off ALL my ST sockets!

So, here’s the deal.

I got my hands on an Osram Smart+ Mini Switch. And set it up with the DTH by @chalford

So far so good.

I’m just testing it, setting up a ‘follow me’ system so I can use it to control the lights in a room, when a cry goes up from my daughters in the front room: the TV has just switched off.
I do a bit of testing, and, sure enough, every time I hit the ‘on’ or ‘off’ button on the Osram remote, the ST power outlet turns on or off.

Further testing shows that my other ST outlet is doing the same thing, and nothing is being logged in ST.

I know this device is designed to be a ZLL controller which is paired to a light, but it seems to have managed to be in some kind of broadcast most where it switches everything it can every time!

Osram love their pictoral instructions, which don’t cover this, so I’m at a loss as to what I can do. Any Zigbee experts able to help? I think what I need to do is either somehow disable this secondary (ZLL?) signal, or pair it to something (maybe something I then reset?) to stop it changing everything.

2 days and no reply?

did you factory reset it yet.

If you can’t find procedure then hard reset with a hammer.

I did a Zigbee heal, and also unregistered and registered the dimmer again. It seems to be okay now.

Weird though.

EDIT: As I said, it all seems stable after a Zigbee heal, and re-registering the dimmer. I’m still curious as to what actually happened though - how did one switch magically link itself to 3 sockets in the blink of an eye? Any Zigbee experts out there who want to try to explain, I’m all ears.

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