HELP! Z-Wave devices offline!

Hi all - have had a very stable Smartthings v2 platform for at least 7 years. A couple of weeks ago, a large number of my Z-Wave devices have been going offline. Some will come back on, but most remain offline and the list keeps growing. I have tried multiple hub reboots, Z-Wave repairs, and unplugging/removing batteries. I am using an Android phone, but the devices are showing up offline on both the Android app and Web version. Any ideas to help troubleshoot and fix are MUCH appreciated - thank you!

Doesn’t really sound like the same issue as the other thread…

You’ve probably already done this, but when you check the hub radio status at

What does it show about the Z wave radio in the hub?

Other than that, I agree absolutely that you should contact SmartThings support and see if they can see anything from their side. :thinking:

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I noted you removed batteries from battery-operated Z-Wave Devices. Do you have any AC-Powered Z-Wave Devices (such as wired Light Switch or anything Plugged into a Wall Receptacle) ?

If so, pull the power on those devices by either unplugging or shutting off the circuit breaker (after first shutting down any other electronic devices you have plugged into that circuit).

I experienced something very similar to what you described. No matter how many Hub Reboots, or Z-Wave Repairs I performed, nothing helped. UNTIL I pulled power on Wired Z-Wave Devices.

Good luck and report back !

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I sincerely appreciate everyone’s help and suggestions. For whatever reason, I had not tried flipping the circuit breakers - that seems to be doing the trick!! A couple of them still offline, but I’ll keep working at it!



Have you identified “all” of your AC-Powered Z-Wave Devices? Is there one hiding/lurking beyond your recollection ? :grin:

There’s a detailed step-by-step here, cautioning proper shut down of all OTHER electronic equipment before pulling a circuit breaker.

Keep us posted!

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