Help with WT00Z when used manually

Hello, new to community.

I need help with troubleshooting a WT00Z-1 used with a WS15Z-1

I’ve read FAQ: Solution for Linear/GoControl 3-way switches? (WD500Z-1 and WT00Z-1) (Association options)

and also JDRoberts “Method 1: virtual three way with smartlights”


Prior setup:

Device A is One Nortek WS15Z-1: Z-Wave Wall Switch wired to a stairwell light fixture and located at bottom of stairs
Device B is One Nortek WT00Z-1: Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Accessory Switch located at top of stairs

Both Z-Wave devices were included in the setup of a GoControl GC2 hub.
Device B was associated to device A. This permits device B to control the lights also. I.e. a 3-way setup without any need for traveler wires.

So, I get my new SmartThings hub setup and add a bunch of new GE Wave switches without issue. Next step is to move the Norteks from the GC2 hub to ST

Next, I Exclude both device A and device B from the GoControl GC2 hub.

Next, I add device A to ST hub via add new device. ST hub finds device A and adds it perfectly. I confirm I can control device A from the app! All good so far.

Next, I add device B to ST hub via add new device. ST hub finds device B and adds it. I now see both device A and device B in the Devices list.

Next, I setup the virtual 3-way via Smart Lighting automation.

Here is the issue. I can control the WT00Z-1(Device B) from the app. I can toggle it “on” and “off” from the app. When I toggle from the app, the SmartLighting automation works as expected and also the green light on the switch changes from lit to unlit as expected (lit = “off”, unlit = “on”)

So, ST can “talk” to the switch". However, manually pressing the rocker to change from off to on and vice versa does not talk to ST. The status on the ST app stays the same regardless of manual rocker switching. I.e. one cannot manually press the rocker to initiate the Smart Lighting automation.

Any suggestions? I don’t have access to a Minimote to associate these two devices and I noticed it is a discontinued product on Aeon Labs site.

Can you show us a screenshot of the automations that you set up?

In most cases in SmartThings Classic you would need two automations to keep the switches in sync, one where A is the trigger and one where B is the trigger. I don’t think that’s true if you are using the new “smartthings (Samsung connect)” mobile app, but to be honest I’m not sure. That has a different rules engine.

Most people would not use direct association, because if you use direct association the hub will not be informed when the switches change status. That’s pretty much the definition of direct association, that it bypasses the hub.

But if you do want to use direct association, you can set it up by using the zwave tweaker DTH (code, not a device).

But again, if you do it that way, you may not be able to use physical presses to trigger automations because the hub won’t necessarily know the switch was activated.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Here are pics






One more bit of info.

As I noted, when I manually press the rocker, the app does not show the changed state of the switch. But, when I press the “Refresh” button(Circle with arrow) on the device status screen , it then shows the accurate state.

FYI, used Z-Wave Tweaker DTH to associate and all works as desired without need for Smart Lighting automation. Thanks !

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I have the same exact problem, I installed the tweaker and have it up on my phone but have no idea what to do with it, can you tell me what you did please?