Help with WT00Z-1 in an automation

I have used the Classic app to create an automation. Well, TWO automations.
When my WT00Z-1 is pressed ON, my Garage door OPENS.
When my WT00Z-1 is pressed OFF, my Garage door CLOSES.

This works fine… Unless/until I open or close my garage door with something OTHER than that switch.

Example - if the garage door is shut, and I use the app/the door switch/the remote to open the door, and then when I’m at the WT00Z-1 (it’s at my basement entry) and want to shut the garage door - pressing OFF does not close the garage door. I have to press ON, and then press OFF for the garage door to close. Obviously, the opposite needs to be done to open it if it were closed some other way.

Not Earth shattering, no, but annoying, and does not pass the Spouse test (When I explained, I got a squint, a head shake, and a “yeah, I’m not doing that”).

So can this be done/fixed/changed in the app? Or should I not use the app but look to WebCore (I have several pistons already) for a better solution?

It may depend on what SmartApp you’re using. I used SmartLighting in the past for button pushes and toggles for lights, and I found the same thing you have.

I switched to using the ButtonController SmartApp and found that, at least for lights, the button pushing toggles perfectly.

I was just using a Classic App “Routine”. Tell me more about what/how you’re doing please.

In the Classic App, go into Marketplace, SmartApps, More and select ButtonController. Go through the wizard to see if you can set your button(s) to control your door. You may or may not see it depending upon whether or not that app has been written to allow for garage door control.

If it doesn’t, you might have to use an intermediate device like a virtual switch configured to open and close the door, with the button configured to flip the switch. You might have to play around a bit with this.

So - the WT00Z isn’t a button - it’s a paddle switch that’s used as a dummy switch to control other zwave stuff. I think it’s a more a reporting issue…

It is a reporting issue, but you’re trying to work around it. I don’t have a WT00Z to try, but the Button Controller will see an Osram Lightify, which is similar. I’d see if that app will see your switch.

Brand and model of the garage door controller?

It’s a GoControl GD00Z-4.

Thanks Bry I’ll check that!

If it is reporting its status correctly, then you should be able to set up an automation to match the switch’s status to the garage door’s status. That should keep them in sync no matter how the door is opened.

Oh that’s nifty! Can you give me a little hand-holding for that? So - would I leave in place the current two automations, and add another one (or two)? How would I go about it?