Looking for help with Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 3-way/4-way wiring

Purchased a few these relays to convert standard switches into z-wave controlled switches. The single pole wiring is pretty straight forward and I have added a couple already. Now I am faced with the more complicated 3-way and 4-way switch configurations and am hoping someone can help who has installed some of these relays in these configurations.

I have looked at the installation instructions from Enerwave that provide a small amount of information on how to wire the relays up however they are lacking. Based on my previous single pole installation for each switch I removed load from the switch and connected it to the relay, connecting an aux to the switch where load had been, which I believe is basically putting the relay inline with the switch, this isn’t as apparent for the 3-way/4-way installation.

For the current 3-way switch configuration I have 2 switches, both have 2 travelers, one switch is connected to power to the breaker, the other has what I believe is the load to the light(s) that are being switched. There is access to neutral and power in both switch locations however this is probably why I am confused on the proper wiring of the relay for this setup.

The wiring diagram that comes with the relay makes it appear the entire relay is wired inline between both branches of the 3-way circuit, not sure if my observation is correct. Since power to the breaker is in one gang box and load is in another I can’t figure out how to wire the relay based on the wiring diagram. Maybe I make use of the traveler wires in a different manner? If so I can’t wrap my head around it. Maybe my wiring setup won’t support using the relay?

I am including a couple pictures of the switches/gang box to show what my setup looks like.

Any help is appreciated!!


For anyone that finds this thread who is having a similar issue, I was able to figure out how to make this work for my wiring.

Because there is a hot and neutral wire in nearly all of the switch locations where the load wire to my lights is terminated, all I had to do was insert the relay inline between the existing switch and the load wire to the light. So in my situation I wire the relay to hot and neutral, then remove the load from the switch, terminate this to the load of the relay and then terminate the aux to where the load wire was terminated on the switch. With this setup all 3-way and 4-way switches work without the need to replace or rewire any of the other switches and all switches remain working manually.

One thing to note, after installing the custom device handler from Enerwave in order to access both relays you may run into a situation where the 2nd switch on the relay doesn’t work manually until the entire relay is “reset”. Before I included the relay in ST manual switching worked fine, once I included it manual switching of the 2nd switch didn’t work. I thought I may have pushed loose one of the wires for the 2nd switch on the relay after stuffing everything back however once I turned the entire switch off and then turned on each relay individually from the ST app I was able to manually switch the lights on/off as well as through the ST app. Has happened on all 4 relays I installed so I assumed it is just some sort of sync issue.

Hope this helps anyone who finds it!


Do you have a diagram you could draw? I am debating if this would work on my 4 way setups but not sure I follow unless you would only be intecepting the signal on the way to the light/fan?

Hope this helps:https://imgur.com/1nSc17j


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Hi David,

Thanks for the write-up and drawings, they are detailed and easy to follow! Similar to you, I was able to easily hook up the relay to the basic switch in-line between the switch and load.

I am having trouble with my 4-way setup (3 manual switches controlling one ceiling light). The switch where I am trying to connect the relay has 4 wires attached. Two wires are red (assuming these are the travelers), one wire is black (assuming Live), and one wire is white (assuming Neutral / Load). I connected the relay in-line between the switch and the load (white wire). When doing this, two of the switches (including the switch where the relay is installed) worked, but the third switch (upstairs) did not work. Based on your updated post, are you suggesting that the “reset” of the relay should resolve this issue?

If so, can you help to clarify the steps to “reset” the relay? Should I remove the relay from the ST App, ensure the light is off (based on manual switches), then add the relay to ST App, and toggle the relay switch via ST App?


This was an awesome find! Thank you so much for posting.