Z-Wave In-Wall Relay - 3-Way power into light wiring

Hi guys, I have few ZL 7432US and was sussessful with them throughout the house, but this one 3-way setup is different. Need help wiring.

So I think that I have Option #5 https://www.easy-do-it-yourself-home-improvements.com/3-way-switch-wiring-diagram.html setup.

Can you please suggest the correct wiring of ZL 7432US?

I’ve never heard of this device before, so after some googling, I think if figured out how it’s wired with a normal single pole switch. Here is the manual I found. If this isn’t your device, let me know.

It looks like you can make this work by putting the Z-wave relay up where the light box is located. You should be able to replace the single pole switch as shown in the manual and place your 3-way setup in its place. One assumption, the switches you have been using (with the new z-wave relay) are not momentary.

Yes, that’s the one. Switches aren’t momentary. Would you suggest the wiring diagram?

Did you see this, I didn’t read the whole thread but it seems relevant to what your asking.

Here is a diagram using an aeotec switch with power on switching ckt. I have an Aeotec in 1 of my light fixtures in a 3 way. I didn’t not switch with power I went with their option to not use power on switch circuit.
I got off track sorry. You can probably use this diagram as I guide to get you going in right direction.

Make sure you know where every wire goes and you land them in the right place. I had to trace mine all out to get it to function. If I can find my personal diagram I used I’ll share. It’s not EXACTLY the same but will be very close.

Here is my notes from like many years ago. Made sense than maybe not so much now. But hopefully it will provide some help.

This sketch (sorry, it’s not great to read) is for using only one relay, which is what I think you need.

The relay and the bulb/socket will be wired in the same box. The two wires that go to your existing switches will stay going to your switches, but will need to be rewired as I sketched.

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Thank you guys! This actually makes sense. Let me start taking the pot lights apart :slightly_smiling_face: