Help with setting up scenes without the "run" command?

Greetings all:

New to the forums now that I think I will be here from now on and not on Stringify :frowning: Looking for ideas on setting up routines that work with Google home that will allow me the flexability of home automation that I was used to when I using Stringify.

I have set up 2 scenes so far one called Bedroom Movie night & Coffee Machine on. According to the Smartthings website you have to say “run” before the scene you want to run, is there any way to have these scenes run without the “Run” Command or a way to incorportate IFTTT as the trigger then have the scene as the action?

Currently I am utilizing ST outlets, Philips Hue bulbs as well as Nest Thermo’s and cameras.

Are you using the Classic App or the New Connect App? Hopefully the Classic App.

Since you are used to the flexibility of Stringify, you’ll love webCoRE as a suitable alternative. You can simply build your rules there and create blank Routine and have it to trigger the webCoRE Piston (rule).

Then you can just say,” Hey Google, turn on blah blah blah…”

Routines work as buttons. I don’t use ST Scenes…at all. YUK

I have seen webCore being mentioned before but know nothing about it, guess Ill be watching videos on it when I get home. As far as ST, I am not using classic, use to when I have Version 2 hub, is Classic easier to setup and run. I am finding the new version a little frustrating to use actually. If I have the new version installed how do I get classic installed without ST telling me it doesnt recognize anything forcing me to reconnect everything agian which in my case is a royal PITA?

You can install the Classic App without loosing anything. I think you just need to select existing user and use you Samsung login. If the Samsung doesn’t show up then select new user.

You will need to use the Classic App to install custom code.