Routines or Automations in Webcore?

May i ask for a little help please.

i am trying to migrate to ST v3 app from classic and i notice that automations are the old Routines or is it Scenes, anyhow, i am unable to find “Execute Automation” or" Scene" in Webcore instead of " execute Routine. not listed as a virtual device ?

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hope you understand

Execute Automation does not yet exist in WebCore because it will need significant updates to be able to connect to the Cloud automations in NewApp. It’s been promised along with an update to use the Rules API. (the future direction of automating the platform) It’s just not here yet. For now a lot of us are using the following workarounds:

  1. create virtual switch and use the V-Switch as a trigger for ST Automation
  2. directly call a ST scene through the REST API: (I’m pretty sure you will be able to call an automation this way too, but I haven’t researched it yet)


Thanks a Lot.

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is it posible to Read a scene condition this way ie if X- scene executes then activate v- Switch ?

Thank again

Put the v-switch IN the scene.

EDIT: And thank you - I was just wondering how to do something and this is the solution for it. :slight_smile:

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Soryy to pester but i am unable to copy this routine pictured due to the first command " if routine executes". i have built many of my webcores around this method ie pause night time hall motion lights piston and resume when routine goodnight is executed. etc.

Any thoughts please

sorry piston pictured

What is in the routine in question?

Good Morning Routine, Good Evening or Good night, Up Late, or any other Routine i have or Sorry i say Had because is now a Scene AND Automation on the new app that i have had to create awkwardly to disarm STHM as apose to SHM during diffrent executions of a previously “Routine”

im feeling a little pensive through this migration :pensive:

I understand, and to advise, we would need to know what the routines are actually doing.

So how did you break up your good morning routine into automation / scene, what triggers what and what does the automation / scene actually do? The more descriptive the better.

between hours of 5am and 9am with condition of lounge pir or kitchen pir of motion then change securty mode to disarmed and run scene good morning.

good morning scene is to turn off lights, change location mode to home. i would now like to run Piston pictured above as i used to on classic app.


i hav

or nowexecute \ Pause piston

ie " execute piston Alexa speak good mornig and play todays weather, also being hall lights on off depending on lux , paused lux piston during good evening so lights stay on and night time piston during motion for a late night toilet break or snack.

how do i tell webcore these scences have been activated in order to Run/Pause a piston.

Thanks For Thoughts


i appreciate i can turn outlets 1 and 4 off in scene but music alexa to speak and run the next piston with lights fade level during this action is becoming imposible. i also rely on this piston been activated to turn on and off other piston i have. Struglling to find a work around intergrating webcore as i always have making smarthing v3 no better than the alexa app, Sure i can turn it on and with dimmer but thats where webcore came in to make things more complex and build how you desired which is still working fine on classic app by the way. i carnt pause a piston within a scene and nor could i through a routine howerver i could create a piston like "if virtual device routine was activated then do this… "

OMG… JUST CREATE A VRTUAL SWITCH, What a noob… i get it now replace routine execution with virtual switch, i feel such a dick, lol

Thanks a lot

Create a virtual switch called ‘Good evening’
Make your Good evening scene or your good evening automation turn on the switch in addition to everything else it does.
Make your piston’s trigger instead of “routine executes: Good evening” now: “Virtual Switch: Good Evening: Switch: turns On”
Run your piston as normal.
Add Turn off the good evening virtual switch to the end of your piston.


Honest Thanks A Lot, been pulling my hair out but so easy.

Thans Again

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