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Anyone know of a SmartApp that can enforce a scene? Right now, if I set scene X (which turns off all the lights and dims the dining room to 20%) to run at 10 AM if at 10:03 someone turns on a light that light will stay on. I’m looking for a way to set that from Time X - Time Y the scene should be “Scene X” and any deviations from that will automatically be fixed.

Any ideas?

This is nowhere within the scope purpose of the SmartThings official concept of a Scene.

My recommendation is to explore your use case with the folks at WebCoRE, and avoid the use of the term “Scene”.

Ensuring that the State of a given set of Things is continually maintained can easily be coded into a SmartApp or, probably, a WebCoRE Piston.

SmartThings has not, I emphasize, at this time, provided any API for Scenes.

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The easy way to implement this is probably Smart Lighting.

Just manually set all of the switches in your scene to be Triggers and have the Triggered Action be to Activate the Scene.

Not super efficient, and, might even result in and endless loop… Hmmm. :loop:

Got it. It’s NOT Scene but rather**State. I’m going to check out WebCoRE. Thank you very much!

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Meaning depending on the time the switch would trigger a different scene?

Also that would be tedious to set up. I’d have to set everything that’s not what I want in the scene to be the trigger for the scene after X amount of delay.

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Just a reminder that scenes in the new “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” app are somewhat different than scenes in “SmartThings Classic.” As of this week, scenes created in classic will finally show up in the rules engine for STSC, but the features do still vary a bit.

Do we know which app the OP is using?

Sorry what’s “OP”?

“Original poster,” in this case, you. :sunglasses:

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:slight_smile: I’m using Classic. I’m waiting for the go-ahead from Samsung to switch over