Scene Query - Relating to the Steps in the Scene

I decided to attempt to set up a Scene naively using the ST app, instead of using webcore. The whole process in my opinion is very long winded as I want to be able to call the scene from Alexa.

So I had to set up 2 simulated switches. Set up two Scenes, 1 On 1 Off and then set up a routine to turn on the scene and another to turn off the scene which in turn are associated with the simulated switches which are used by Alexa.

My issue relates to the steps in Scenes. When I set up the scene initially I am turning on / off my devices in a set sequence, tested and tried and all working. However scenes then seem to re-order the steps to turning devices on first then off , which in my scenario does not work.

I can not figure out a way to re-order the steps in scenes nor how to ensure they stay as initially configured.

Is there a way to set the order of scene steps? Is there a way to keep the scenes steps as originally programmed?


Scenes doesn’t work that way. It just gets your to a final end state as specified in the scene. Scenes are intended just for lighting. Also, you don’t need to have a Virtual Switch for Alexa anymore. You can run a scene directly from the Alexa skill.


Now I remember why I didn’t go the scene direct route, you can not tell alexa to turn something on or off that is easily understandable in terms of natural language ie turn on the turn off option.

Looks like webcore wins again for me.

If I’m understanding you correctly, the new Alexa “routines” feature (Not smartthings routines) Lets you use pretty much any verbiage you want except for a few reserved words. So you could say “Alexa, make the flowers bloom” or “Alexa, open the pod bay doors” and trigger a scene. You have to say the phrase the exact same way every time, but you can use whatever phrase feels natural to you. :sunglasses:

That has nothing to do with it. Scenes activate a group of settings. All you have to say to Alexa is “Activate bedtime” or whatever you’ve called your scene. Within that scene you could have some lights turned on, some turned off, some set to a particular brightness, some set to particular color. But it’s not something you can turn on and off. If you want the exact opposite set of settings, you would have to create another scene for those settings too. But most people don’t use them that way. If you’re looking to control a bunch of lights together as a group, i would suggest looking at one of the many ways that there are to do that…one “captain” device, virtual switches, etc. But Alexa understanding you to turn something on or off really has nothing to do with scenes.