Help with pairing Nutone Z wave switches and 2Gig Thermostat

Hello all

I just moved from Wink to Smart things. It is a bit of a learning curve and am just getting started. I was able to pair 2 of my GE bulbs and my Kwikset lock with Smartthings. However, I am unable to pair my 2Gig thermostat and my Nu tone switches with it. I was reading that Nu tone’s are just rebranded Go Control switches and I have tried everything that I could think of.

I excluded all my z wave devices from the Wink hub first, made sure that none of them show up in the wink hub.

I then set up the smarthings hub, and started connecting to my devices.

I was able to connect to 2 GE bulbs and my front door lock. But for the life of me cannot seem to connect to any of my switches, thermostat or garage door.

I tried multiple times and looked up online for answers , but am unable to connect.

It is driving me crazy, and any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly

Try these steps:

  1. Reset the devices to factory defaults
  2. Reboot the ST hub
  3. Bring the device within 5ft of the hub if possible and then exclude it again
  4. Now try to pair the device

This topic may also help with more details guides: How to migrate from Wink to SmartThings

NOTE: Your 2Gig thermostat may not be possible to reset by pressing the black button, that’s a soft reset. See this topic first post on how to do a factory reset. These are basically rebranded CT-xxx thermostats.

Thank you very much. The switches are working now, I am going to try the 2Gig Thermostat next. Thanks again for your response.


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