Linear LD050 with GD00Z-5

First of all i have been able to search this forum many times to help with some issues and have always had success. This forum is great!
However…i need to post my first time because i cannot figure this out.
I have a Linear LD050 Garage Opener, on the opener i have 3 terminals:
The GD00Z-5 has 2 cables to plug into “Pushbutton” and it shows on the diagram the opener having 2 pushbutton terminals. I only have one so i tried connecting both leads from GD00Z-5 to the 1 pushbutton I have. I have also tried just using one of them.

I have already paired the GD00Z-5 with ST and the tilt sensor is being recognized in my app as “CLOSED” and “OPEN” when i toggle the garage with the wall button.
I have “Synced” the door as instructed by the install doc

So when i try and open the garage from my ST app the GD00Z-5 will beep and flash and the app says “opening” however nothing happens with the actual door…after a min or so the app then responds with just “closed” as the tilt sensor never moved so that’s obviously right as its just refreshing in the app.

Im temped to plug one of the 2 cables coming from GD00Z-5 to the COMMON connection on the garage opener but i kinda think that could blow my unit or something.
(so 1 would be in pushbutton and 1 in common)

Anybody here have a LD050 opener and got it to work with GD00Z-5 or any?


Pic of my opener:

Welp…1 in Pushbutton and 1 in Common is what got it working.
Guess I will leave this hear incase down the road anybody searched for this kind of info.


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I have a Liftmaster Formula I Model 1280, the Linear LLC Model GD00Z-5 and the SmartThing Hub v.2.
I have not been able to pair my ST hub with the GD00Z-5. The GD00Z-5 control, its sensor are placed next to the ST hub . After “adding a thing” and pushing the link button on the GD00Z-5 until a beep is heard my app keeps on “looking for device…” without results.
I even checked the new battery but it does show 3 Volts.
The chat person for SmartThings claims that only the GD00Z-4 works. But I found a website that says that the models are not really different.
What am I doing wrong?

I am not sure of my model, but I have a Chamberlain Liftmaster Formula 1, Looks like this

… and I just got a Linear GD00Z-5 off ebay for a good price.
I have been watching this thread as well, which has some good tips/advice: GD00Z-4 Not working at all

Being that it was an open box model, I was freaking lucky enough they included directions (in spanish!!!) WTF!
After finding the english version online I was able to make sense of things.
If you haven’t already, put your ST app or hub in exclusion mode. And I would recommend you bring your GD00Z-5 inside closer to your hub so it can pair easier. I actually am having an issue with signal, so I moved a plug/repeater into the kitchen to extend my zwave signal to the garage. Dont forget to perform a zwave network repair.

After I excluded, I then included the GD00Z-5 and it paired within 10-15 seconds.
I am still dealing with some issues with it not responding quickly… but hopefully this gets you going a little further.

I just installed 2 GD00Z-5 yesterday in my garage (2 doors). You do not put the sensor near the hub you place the unit itself plugged in to a power outlet near the hub (but only if you have to) just to pair the unit. Push the pairing button on the side. I don’t remember if I pushed the button once or twice or pushed and held it for 5 secs that got them to pair but they did.
Then unplug it and install it in your garage.
The 2 sided tape they provided for the door sensor was junk but I had better tape left over from my other SmartThings sensors.
Took about 10 minutes each to installed and get working.
Working great with SmartThings so far (it’s only been a day)
I didn’t have to place the units near the hub to pair them but this will vary on your house.
I did wire it directly to my garage door openers on the ceiling not the opener switch on the wall.

Now, here is the rub:
On closer inspection I found that a sticker with GD00Z-5 on it is pasted over the original label.

After carefully peeling the sticker off the original label it shows that the model is originally the GD00Z-3.
Of course, I don’t know if this represents a factory reset from GD00Z-3 to GD00Z-5 or some fraudulent practice. It would be interesting to learn what the differences between the model numbers really are. All I know is that I can’t pair the controller with my hub.
Question for all people who have successfully paired the GD00Z-5 controller:
Do you all had stickers placed on top of the original label?

got me curious about that!.. next time I am on a ladder changing the garage light bulb I will see if I have a sticker like that.

as for stability, I went to lowes yesterday and bought a couple/few z wave dimmers/switches, so now I have a broader mesh network. This definitely helped with the garage door opener. Every so often on a Z wave repair I would get an error about the garage door in regards to the mesh network (That went away after installing more z wave devices/repeaters).

I just check mine they both had the stickers but one had GD00Z-4 under it the other I’m not sure the sticker peeled the back label off but I bought them at same time from the same on-line store. So fairly safe to assume both GD00Z-4.
Only other thing I notice mine are Rev A and yours are Rev B

One thing that may be annoying is they might lose their last position and have to be cycled manually from the wall switch or old remote if you lose power.<img "