Help with outlet/dimmer

Hello, I have the following that I’m trying to do, and would greatly appreciate any help on if and/or how this might be possible.

In my bedroom, I have two outlets by the bed that do not have any hardwired switch. We have bedside lamps plugged into these that I would like to:

  1. Control via SmartThings
  2. Add the option to control via a wall switch

#1 Seems pretty straightforward, but I can’t find a solution for #2. Is there any kind of setup I can use to accomplish this? I’m open to replacing the outlet, adding a smartthings adaptor ( I know Lutron makes a wire-free remote you can install on the wall to look like an outlet (, is there anything similar I could use here?

Thanks very much

Sure, there are lots of options for this. :sunglasses:

The first thing to decide is what device you want to use to make the outlet itself controllable by SmartThings. You can either replace the outlet with an outlet that has a radio inside of it, or you can use a plug-in “pocket socket,” which is what many people do just because it’s easier.

We do need to know what country you live in, as the device choices do vary somewhat.

There is a discussion of plug in pocket sockets in the following thread (this is a clickable link), but those are all for the US:

Once you have a way of turning the outlet on and off from SmartThings p, now you just need a device to act as a wall switch. There are quite a few options for these, both mains powered and battery operated. You can take a look at the buttons FAQ. It lists devices for both the US and the U.K., both handheld and wall mount:


This is an excellent way to get your feet wet! Later, should you decide to use an in-wall Z-Wave outlet or smart light bulb, you will easily find use for the pocket socket :sunglasses:

My favorite choice right now is the Zooz ZEN-07, which happens to be on sale. It also will measure power consumption of whatever you plug into it…