Replacing a Switched Outlet with Smart Outlet and Smart Wall Switch

My wife and I live in the US in a house that was built three years ago and have Smartthings hub v2. All existing wiring meets current building code requirements (i.e., neutral wires are present).

Our guest room has two bedside lamps that are connected to a switched wall outlet, one directly and the other by means of an extension cord. There are actually two wall outlets, one behind each bedside table, but only one is switched.

We would like to replace both outlets with smart outlets and replace the wall switch with one that would control the outlets together. This will allow guests to turn on/off the lamps either using the wall switch or those of the lamps themselves, but also allow for automated lighting rules to use when we have no guests.

I have installed several GE/Jasco z-wave plus smart outlets (14288) elsewhere in the house, so am confident I can replace the unswitched outlet easily.

The switched outlet has two black wires (both attached to the same gold screw corresponding to the always-on receptacle), two white (neutral) wires, one red wire, which is the traveller from the wall switch, and a ground wire. I would assume the black, white, and ground wires get connected as usual to the smart outlet and the red be capped off with a wire nut. Does that sound right?

I’m less sure about what to do for a wall switch. I would prefer to use a hardwired (as opposed to battery operated) switch, but this is not a necessity. The current (dumb) switch is connected had just three wires: black (hot), red (traveller), and ground. Can I use an auxiliary switch such as the GE/Jasco 457810? If so, do I connect it to the neutral and ground wires only, capping off the black and red wires? If not that, then what? Or do I need to use another type of switch altogether? Either way, will I need to create a virtual switch that will actually control the lights?

Any guidance you can give me on would be greatly appreciated.

What I did in my house was to have just a GE smart switch that controls a dumb outlet.
What I get:

  1. Both local and remote control
  2. Smart switch goes bad? Move out? Put in a new one (even dumb) and light still works.

Smart switch with smart outlet combination will only work if the switch does not control the smart outlet by applying voltage to it, but by direct association between them. Problem is if they do not communicate properly, you have no light.

Thank you for responding, Daniel. If I understand you correctly, what I am hoping to do is at least highly impracticable. So, unless there is some way a single smart switch can control two dumb outlets, it seems I’ll have to find another approach. Or maybe just do nothing.

All the best.

I would consider replacing the unswitched outlet with a smart outlet and the switch with a smart switch, leaving the outlet on that circuit alone. Then you can use association or rules to sync the new switch and the new outlet. For the switch, you can use one of the ge/jasco wall switch (the auxillary switch will only work if it is a secondary switch, as in a 3 way setup).


It can control as many as you want. You just have to wire them so they get power from the same switch. Also, do not exceed 15A total (both outlets together).

@TonyFleisher @NomadTech Thanks very much for your help! I’m going to take some time to think through my options before doing anything. Cheers!

I did this as well. With Z-wave, there is no need to have switches control outlets. Both are logged in SmartThings and I use the switch as a Trigger; it does not control a load.

Are you saying that it is possible to have two smart outlets connected to a smart switch, the latter of which does not pass power to the outlets, but only communicates its state to the hub, which then controls the outlets? That is what I’m hoping to do.

You wire the switch so it NO longer controls the outlets. The outlets are wired in to the line side of the switch, NOT the load side of the switch. Using the switch triggers events in SmartThings hub, which the outlets can respond to based on your settings.

Got it. Thanks!

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