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Help with Notification if Light On for Certain Amount of Time




I am looking for some help on setting up a notification if a certain light is on for more than 1 hour. I thought I had this working at some point in Core, but when I moved over to webCore it seems to have stopped working.

Basically I’m using the “was” operator but that appears to be wrong. Something similar to:

if “light” was on for > 60 minutes then send push notification

However, that is only sending the notification after the light is actually turned off even if the light is turned off 2 days later. So that doesn’t help me know if if a light is on and shouldn’t be.

If I try to use the “is” operator, then I don’t get the option to set the length of time I want to measure.

Hopefully this is clear as I can’t get into webCore on the computer I’m on currently. Any help would be appreciated.



Should post a copy of your piston over on the WebCore forum.

Then we can actually look at your piston and see what’s going on.


Thanks, I think I was able to figure it out.

(Robin) #4

For the benefit of others, you could use ‘stays’ instead of ‘was’… or

If light is on
wait 1 hour
Send push notification

By default, if the light turns off, the wait and everything after it gets cancelled so no message will be sent.