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hi everyone,

I’m facing issue with core task, what I would like to do simple is: if motion detected then after 15 minutes if no motion then turn off the lights.

if I understand it correctly. on the condition in core, I did add the motion detector sensor. and did the following:-

1- wait 15 minutes
2- turn off the lights.

NOTE: logically, it seem it will go no matter what, after 15 minutes it will perform turn off the light, but I remember I read somewhere on the forum that if new motion detected then the counter reset (of the 15 minutes and it will start after no motion detect next time)

I did not know how to extract what code I made ><

let me know if I did something wrong.

thanks guys

are you wanting the light to turn off after 15 minutes even if a new motion event is detected? Are you also wanting the light to turn on with motion?

Are you using CoRE or webCoRE? webCoRE the option is already setup so that the counter resets once motion is detected. In CoRE, you have to set it to Cancel on Piston State change or the light will go off no matter what after 15 minutes.

hi guys,

no I need the lights to turn off only if no motion for 15 minutes. currently it goes off even if new motion detected.

I will try cancel on piston state change. but I did not understand the main different between

piston change and condition change.

I would just do this with Smart Lighting. no need for Core or Webcore and might run local.


the only things I have to do it through webcore is that I need more than one condition to be true to perform.

like no motion + present sensor for A, B, C not available.

what I did just now, is modify the condition to. “if stay active for 3 minutes” then

it seem working fine till now.

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