Looking for a SmartApp to Send Notification if Light Switch has Been Left on for x hours

Okay, so I have been searching, and found a few posts from years ago about this, but nothing recent, and Based on the capabilities of the SmartLighting App which I have used to Automatically Turn off a particular switch after x hours, and also some other rules that Send in App Push Notifications, this is something that should be possible. I am not a developer by trade, but have had experience in writing code bits here and there when needed, but haven’t been able to find anything to get me started. I guess I’m looking for something either get me started with what I want to do, or a point in the new direction on where I should be trying to create this automation. I have seen some things in my searching here lately about the Groovy IDE going way converting to something else, yada yada…Searching for a starting point here…

You could do that easily with webCore:

WHILE the light switch is on
WAIT xxxx

. . . you can also add a turn off command . . .

webCoRE should be right up your ally. However, be warned that the old Classic App will be retired eventually and you might find the New App useful. I don’t use the New App but I am going to start using it for any new rules I may need. Word is that the rule engine is flexible.

95% of my rules are done with webCoRE and I have maxes out my device limit.

So. I did see that WebCore was something that was in the old Method the way of doing things, and could be done, but in my reading this method is being phased out.

@rontalley I was trying to find information on the new rule API or whatever they are moving to, and how to use it, but I couldn’t find any good information on this new “Rules” things in my searching, I don’t really want to start implementing WebCORE on something that is going away.

Do you have any further insights?

You might be confusing Core with webCore. Core is the older of the two and likely used less than webCore.

No, I’m pretty sure that there was some information I ready that because the SmartThings App was moving away from the Groovy API that the WebCore stuff might be ported to the new API, but at the same time, I was curious if there is any direct way in the new API or the APP itself to be able to do this. Maybe I misread that, but it seems like I was just reading posts about that.

This is what I was looking at…or something along these lines:

There is a built in rule engine in the New App. Download it and give it a go. If not then I would take a look at webCoRE. It will still be around once the Classic App and old API is retired but the rules will have to be redone more than likely. But rule making is super easy using webCoRE so it shouldn’t take too long to redo your old rules with the “new” webCoRE that will be updated for the new API.

Half Full:
You have what you need now using webCoRE and veteran knowledge when we are all forced to use the new API.