Automation using mobile phone as presence sensor

Hello hopefully a pretty simple one.

I have an automation that simple dose the following

When member location

  • me
  • is at home


  • turn on my aurora dimmer and turn on a wemo plug
  • unlock Front door with a 1 min delay.

Issues is, I created the automation and it works great for a few days then it stops working. May not be the cause of the issue but definitely has an effect of the automation. Smartthings IDE shows my phone a present and occupied even when I’m away. If I remove the automation and recreate it, all works fine for a few days. I’m using android

Hope someone can help

Is your phone an Android or iOS device? My daughter’s iPhone stinks and is unreliable as a presence sensor, but all my Android phone work perfectly.

Hello I’m using android. It’s just strange how it works perfectly for a few days then stops. I’m guessing occupancy is more to do with Bluetooth and WiFi. Where presence is more geo location?

I’m on Android 10 and my wife is on iOS 13… She would constantly have problems with presence where I wouldn’t. Both phones would allow background activity for the ST app, but I kept finding as soon as I would launch ST on her iPhone, her presence would immediately register. I guess, even though all permissions were given, her phone would still close the app. Myself, on Android 10 (Galaxy s10), never experienced any issues. We switched to Life 360 and we have had 0 issues since. And I also like having the physical Devices for presence sensors show in my device list. Might want to try this route.

Sorry what is life 360

It’s a free app you can use for family tracking.

Sorry I’m a little confused how life 360 helped with ST

You can use the Life 360 tracking as presence sensors in ST.

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Using the presence sensors from Life 360, you setup your Automations.

Ok great, so if I install life360 how do I then reference it in ST, sorry I’m very new to ST

You’ll add it as a connected service through the classic app (marketplace, sensors, presence sensors, Life 360, then login) and after that, you’ll see every person in your Life 360 circle as an individual device presence sensor. With those, you can setup your Automations.

Ah I’m using the latest app not the classic version. Is this why I can’t add life 360 as a sensor?

Yeah, you can use both (for now) to get it connected. Then, you can just use the new app.

I have a big of problem with my Oneplus 6T and location services in ST. I want try use Life360, I install and work fine, but if i try to add in ST with the classic app, I see this error…

Could you help me? Why not work? Many thanks