Help with IFTTT?

Hi guys,

Wondering if someone can point out the obvious thing that I’m missing…

I have a smartthings hub v2 and tried to set up a very simple recipe on IFTTT - if smoke warning on office nest protect, then turn off 3D printer plug socket. Individually all items work - I can control the plug through smartthings, and it all reports and works as expected, the nest protect smoke warning went off and notified my phone through the nest app when I created some smoke in the office. However the IFTTT action fails to fire off.

I have installed the IFTTT app on my phone, registered an account, and logged in to both my nest channel and the smartthings channel, allowing IFTTT access to the plug socket in question. I then created the recipe, ticked to notify me when it runs… If i click check recipe then it all says ok (but nothing happens - is it supposed to?).

Given that the IFTTT app says the recipe has never run, I assume the breakdown is probably between Nest and IFTTT with the appropriate notifications never reaching the IFTTT account. I just figure there will be guys in this community that have tried to do similar actions and could maybe help me out.

Has anyone run into this issue that could offer an idea why it is failing to run?


If the recipe never ran, then nest isn’t notifying IFTTT.

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Ever experienced issues with nest notifying ifttt?

I guess my best option is to speak to nest support?

Talking to nest support is a good idea.

I would note that the nest protect has two different IFTTT triggers, one for a “warning” level of smoke and one for an “emergency” level of smoke. It’s possible that the alarm was going off for one level but your recipe was set for the other. You might need two recipes, one for each level.

Also, be aware that every time you test the nest protect (or any smoke detector) with real smoke you are reducing the life of the sensor. So you want to do as little live testing as possible. I understand you need to do some, it’s just something to be aware of

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Sorry, I don’t have a nest unit myself. The HVAC in my house is fairly old and refuses to work with a lot of the newer systems.

Yes I had recipes set up for both warning and emergency.

Certainly true what you say, but there are limited options in figuring out whether something will truly work when needed. Perhaps I should suggest to Nest that they need a simulation function whereby you can test your IFTTT integrations with a click instead.

Anyway, It can’t reduce the life more than the wife’s cooking :scream: