IFTTT problem


I setup a recipe with ST and Comcast Labs as follows { FRONT DOOR UNLOCKS THEN DISPLAY DISPLAY MESSAGE ON TV.

The problem that i’m having is that I see the trigger activate but I don’t see the message on my TV. I have triple checked all the settings and they are fine. When I go into my live logging I see the following error message;
1:37:19 PM: debug Error parsing ifttt payload groovyx.net.http.ResponseParseException: OK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

What do the IFTTT logs show for that recipe? (You have to go to the www.Ifttt.com website to check this.)

Is the recipe actually being initiated?

If you manually run the recipe from the IFTTT site, does the message display on the television?

Logs show that it is working then a few min later I get an error message. If I test it through the IFTTT site it triggers fine but I don’t receive any messages on the tv.

It worked once when I first created the recipe then it stopped.


If manually running the recipe on the IFTTT site doesn’t produce the results you want, then you need to talk to the Comcast support people to see what’s going on with their channel.

You might also try a new recipe with a different “if”, maybe just sending a text, and seeing if taking smartthings out of the equation altogether makes it work. If not, it’s definitely a Comcast issue.

Lol I spent 2 hours on the phone with Comcast and they had no idea what an IFTTT was. I’ll try a different trigger.

Thanks for your help

I had this same thing working well for a while. Today it stopped again. Something must be going on at the Comcast side.

It also didn’t work when they first announced this functionality. A couple of days later it started working.

Just hang tight.

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Thanks, everything I’ve read online people say it just starts working on it’s own.

My x1 box rebooted at 230am and it seems the notifications are working again as of now in my area.

Funny because my box started working this morning!