FS20Z-1 Removing From HUB

I have read a lot about how to remove the FS20Z-1. A lot of people have had terrible luck and it seems to take many hours. I’ll get to the point. I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Follow the steps

  1. Login to the IDE

  2. Go to “My Devices”

  3. Select your thing that is an FS20Z-1 device

  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit”

  5. Change the “Type” from “Z-Wave Relay” to “Z-Wave Switch”

  6. Click “Update”

  7. Go into the app on the phone

  8. Not sure how to get there on an android if its different from an iOS but, go to the “General Device Exclusion”

  9. Select “Remove”

  10. Within 10 second double tap the button on the FS20Z-1.

  11. Now that its removed, you have said a few choice words. Let me say. You are very welcome.

  12. Go have a cold beer because if your like a bunch of others you have already said many words and spent lots of time trying to get this to work.