Help with Automation: "AWAY LOCK DOORS" with 2 users?

I can’t figure out how to enable this automation to lock the doors when BOTH my wife and I are not home.

I’m the ‘owner’ of the SmartThings account and my wife is a ‘member’ and has the app on her phone as well.

I’m trying to make an automation that locks our doors when we’re both NOT HOME.

In the “IF” portion off the automation, I’m unable to add a second “IF - MEMBER LOCATION” condition for my wife’s phone. What am I missing?


  • Do I have to create the same automation on her phone/app? Seems redundant…seems like I should be able to add the same “IF” condition for my wife’s phone from my own phone.

  • If creating the same automation on her phone/app is the only answer, will that cause the doors to lock if one of us leaves but the other is still home, or will one person being home override the automation for the person who left?


You can create the automation from either phone, as long as they’re both in the same hub and connected to the same primary account it should show up in both phones.

It may help to check if your mobile presence is working, turn it off from the ST mobile settings page, delete and turn it on again (you’ll have to recreate your automations).

If the automations are giving you trouble you may want to look into a simpler solution like the Lock User Management (LUM) app which allows you create presence based users and you can select multiple conditions of present and not present to lock/unlock doors and activate codes. See this for more details: