Help With Arm and Disarm Widgets

Hi guys I’m hoping someone can help me.
I am hoping to wall mount a tablet and have it by the front door to arm and disarm and would like to have a widget that used virtually the whole screen.
I thought I was pretty tech savvy but I feel way out of my depth with all this so I hope someone will be able to help.
(I have sharp tools & tasker)
Thanks in advance

Thanks for your help I will give that a go later.
I will be using the arrival sensors but the tablet is more to keep the wife happy and if we have someone come over.

I think the SharpTools widgets are small like regular app icons. If you want to have an actual android widget that fills screen, you would need an android app like KWGT Kustom Widget Maker that allow you to make custom widgets. I use it to get a lot of info in a small space (upcoming calendar events, weather forecast, weather radar image etc).

1-I think you’ll need to use SmartThings routines, make sure Goodbye routine arms Smart Home Monitor as arm away
2-Create a Tasker task “STgoodbye”, add action, plugin, SharpTools, Routine, select "Goodbye!"
3-In KWGT, add an image(or text or shape etc) to your widget, add “touch” action to it, then select “launch shortcut”, then select tasker “Task Shortcut”, then your task.

You could skip tasker I think if you buy the SharpTools widget in app purchase instead. It enables running a routine as an android shortcut.

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@Darren_Underhill it looks like @kevin has you covered if you want to go the Tasker route.

As he mentioned, SharpTools also has some out of the box widgets, but they will be smaller than what you are looking for. Pairing up SharpTools + Tasker with a custom widget like KWGT will let you have a large widget that does exactly what you want.

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the large-screen setup @73roderick just posted:

Thanks guys I have now used a widget creator to create custom widgets and using 3d buttons that I created in Adobe Illustrator.
My next question is how to trigger sounds when an arm, disarm etc button is pressed and how to trigger a sound when a sensor is tripped.